Origins, Episode 4: Shock Wave

Hello everyone, welcome to Kit’s Commentary Corner. I’m your host, Kit Mojito, and I’m joined by a very special guest today. She is a very important woman in New Ark City, doing a lot of wonderful things, and looking just fabulous while she does it, I might add. Sandra Fields, welcome to my show.

Cassandra:                       Thank you so much for having me, Kit. Thank you for the compliment, and might I say, right back at you. I love that skirt with that bowtie.

Kit:                                   That is so kind of you, truly. Well, I brought you here to talk about some of the things from this week’s news. I suppose the first order of business is the vigilante. What are your thoughts on the vigilante?

Cassandra:                       Well, my thoughts on this are about as complex as the character himself, you see. On the one hand, I think it is great that there is a citizen who wants to aid in the police department’s ongoing struggles with organized crime. But on the other hand, I cannot condone the violence of a citizen against another citizen. When justice falls into the hands of one person, when one person decided who lives and who dies, how can we ever be sure we are safe?  I also think he is young and this is a phase that he will grow out of. Every child should be able to sew their wild oats, while they still have the chance.

Kit:                                   Earlier today, I spoke with Council Member Redfield-Wade about the situation with the missing men and women, as well as the housing problem, but the response I received was defensive and tepid at best. What is your opinion on the disuse for the last 17 years of that Estate? What should happen to that land?

Cassandra:                       Well, Kit, I’m afraid there is nothing we can do about the land. The land is owned by his family, and his family alone, and is also a historic landmark, which I entirely appreciate. This means that the house can be used or not used as he decides. Of course, I would support there being more shelters and a clinic, but that’s not up to me. And I think our police force will find the missing people. They won’t be missing too much longer. You must have faith.

Kit:                                   Words of encouragement from the first lady of New Ark City. Could we ask for more? Now, I heard your husband, Mayor Fields, will be announcing a new project on Saturday, is that correct?

Cassandra:                       Why yes, he will be. I’m sad to say though, that I cannot tell you anymore about it. It will be very positive, groundbreaking in fact, and it will be in Revenant Heights, Saturday evening. You can look forward to seeing me there.

Kit:                                   I’m personally looking forward to seeing what you wear to that event.

Cassandra:                       Oh, Darling, that will also be groundbreaking, I promise.

Kit and Cassandra:            [laughing together in the same fancy way]

Kit:                                   Well, Mrs. Fields, you are an absolute treat. Thank you so much for joining me today.

Cassandra:                       Please dear, call me, Sandra. It’s been my pleasure.

Narrator:                           Johanna grabbed the remote, and shut off the TV. She rolled her eyes.

Johanna:                          I really don’t trust her. Really, I don’t like either of them.

Jordan:                             Ugh, speak on it, sis. I don’t trust them either.

Johanna:                          So, magic is just energy, huh. Well then.

Narrator:                           Jo mused between mouthfuls of Lo Mein. Reclining on the couch holding the bowl while I finished the sesame chicken, she scrunched up her nose a bit unsettling her black glasses, which she usually did while in deep thought.

Johanna:                          But, if that is the case then it follows the rules of energy, same as the rest of the universe. So magic presumably can be worked with, examined, and even counteracted by science. So why then, when we tried to do a scan of the field was it unviewable on the screen?

Jordan:                             Probably because a radiograph isn’t going to pick up life force energy, or psychic energy. It’s for checking physical things. Physical energy is different, I guess.

Narrator:                           I quickly shoved 3 pieces of sesame chicken in my mouth, chewing and swallowing like a marathoner.

Jordan:                             I mean, I’m not sure exactly how we can scan these things, but I trust we’ll figure it out.

Johanna:                          It’s just so fascinating. I wonder why you can do magic and I can’t.

Jordan:                             According to Scarlett, it seems to be genetic. I guess someone in my bloodline had magical blood.

Johanna:                          But if that were the case, your parents would have had powers then, and they wouldn’t have-

Narrator:                           She paused, not wanting to bring up my parent’s death.

Jordan:                             Hey, I’m not sure.

Narrator:                           I crossed my arms, leaning back in the chair, being done with food for the moment.

Jordan:                             But no matter, I need to hunt for BlackBird tonight.

Narrator:                           I left for my bedroom, and when I came back in, Jo had one laptop open, and a the other one slung over her shoulder in a messenger bag. She always used 2 laptops, as well as the Agency computer when doing surveillance. Jo had even grabbed the obligatory twizzlers that hung out of her mouth while she working on hacking and coding. She whirled around and threw me my com device, and my mask.

Johanna:                          I updated the mask with an EMF tracker, enhanced night vision, a scope, and ultrasonic movement detectors. Also there is an experimental setting in the mask that scans for traces of ectoplasmic residue.

Jordan:                             Ectoplasm? The Ghost goop from Ghostbusters? Why that stuff?

Johanna:                          Maybe it’ll pick up what the other scanners couldn’t. I still have to collect some data, right?

Jordan:                             Wait, but when did you add it to the mask? All I did was change?

Johanna:                          It took 3 minutes to add, I just had to update the lense.”

Narrator:                           I smiled and winked at her.

Jordan:                             God, Jo, you’re such a genius.

Johanna:                          Understatement of the century. Did you expect anything less?

Narrator:                           She looked at the computer, then looked back at me.

Johanna:                          Oh, and I also repaired the transmitter on that tooth cap. All should be well with it, no more blacking out somewhere near the edge of the city. I daresay it would work even if you were in San Francisco.

Narrator:                           I put on the tooth cap and placed my mask on my head.

Jordan:                             Thanks, homegirl, but I don’t exactly plan on being on the other side of the country.

Narrator:                           I hopped on the window ledge, pulling my grappling dart from its calf holster. I opened the window and looked out. I smelled the fresh rain that would be coming soon. The wind has a certain flavor before the skies cry with sweet tears. I love grappling in the rain. I liked that it was dangerous and more of a challenge for me.
I was passing a medium height building with a pole sticking out of the side of their building. I wrapped the dart around the pole, and let gravity swing me under the pole and then up in the air. When I got high enough, I lifted my arms, as if I was about to try and hug the moon. In that moment, I felt like a bird taking flight.
God, I wish I had a cameraman at moments like that. I’m sure my silhouette against the moon would be beautiful tonight. My musings about this were interrupted by Jo,

Johanna:                          Hey J, you’ve got a call. It’s from Dean... what does he want?

Narrator:                           My heart froze for a second in my chest. Dean Morrighain, the man who broke my heart, was calling me despite an order from his boss, my adoptive police chief father to not contact me? This had to be something serious. I sighed.

Jordan:                             [exhasperated] Put him through, Jo.

Johanna:                          Okay, I’ll be silent, but I’m gonna be listening in, okay?

Jordan:                             Sure thing.

Narrator:                           The earpiece crackled for a moment, and then I heard his familiar, smooth voice.

Dean:                               Jordan?

Jordan:                             Dean. What do you need? I’m kind of busy.

Narrator:                           My voice was measured and flat. I was really hoping that he couldn’t hear me jumping from building to building.

Dean:                               [awkwardly laughing a little] What? Straight to business? No ‘hello Dean, it’s been awhile, how are you?’ [pause… hurt sounding voice] We still aren’t there yet?

Narrator:                           Him sounding hurt by my coldness honestly just made me angry.

Jordan:                             Not really, no.

Dean:                               Why are you doing this? We’ve been over this. I don’t even…

Jordan:                             Remember what happened? That doesn’t absolve you.

Narrator:                           I gritted my teeth, took a deep breath, and continued.

Jordan:                             I have every right to be mad at you. This is your fault. You ended it when you went to bed with that stranger on my fucking birthday.

Dean:                               No, that cannot be all on me. You had shut me out already. You with all your... secrets. The late nights, the weird disappearances… how do I know you weren’t with someone else? For god sakes, I am a cop, and I spend more time worrying where you are and if you are okay….

Narrator:                           He paused. He had a point.... but I wasn’t going to give him that.

Jordan:                             Whatever. What do you need? Get to it, will you? I’m a little busy.

Narrator:                           I swooped, and tumbled to a kneeling position.

Dean:                               Well, it’s about Jared. I can’t tell you over the phone. Meet me in 2 hours at La Gardenia?

Narrator:                           Of course, he’d pick the spot where we had our first date. Of course he would. I groaned with frustration.

Jordan:                             Okay, fine. See you in 2 hours.

Dean:                               Great. See you then.

Narrator:                           He hung up, and Jo came back, sounding exactly as I expected of her.

Johanna: [totally pissed]    What a fucking prick. Dad would fire him if he weren’t a damn good cop.

Jordan:                             Right? Ugh, well okay. I’ll bring the comm device. We’ll have to make this search of this apartment pretty quick.

Johanna:                          Your ETA is [pause, typing] about 30 seconds at this rate. I’ll keep the optics on and record while you hunt. We’ll both use our eyes.

Narrator:                           When I got to the fire escape of the apartment, I noticed there was a light on in the bedroom. It flicked off very quickly. I silently opened the window, and entered. I didn’t hear anything, but I hung to the shadows. Jo didn’t make a sound on the comm, but turned on the heat sensors. I could see the neighbors sharing a moment of pleasure in the apartment next door through the walls, radiating heat due to the intense passion between them.

Johanna:                          [over comm] Ugh, gross. [gag]

Narrator:                           I heard a slight rustle to my left, near the bedroom. I kept my eyes low when I looked over. I saw a shape that stood for a moment before it vanished. I drew my weapon and entered the room. I turned on the light, expecting to see BlackBird. Instead I was greeted with the same bed as before, with a note on the desk.

Jordan:                             Damnit, he’s not here. But he left another note.

Narrator:                           I read the note aloud, even though Jo could see it.

RedW/BlkB [in VO]:           Not yet. You and I will meet at the place where the gargoyles keep watch. The place where you can see the sea, and smell the salt air. Your favorite perch. I’ll see you there. BlackBird.

Johanna:                          [muttered] Couldn’t he just... give a name? Like honestly.

Jordan:                             [laugh] I’m sure he’s got some good reason. I guess I’ll be home soon then.

Johanna:                          [sounding defeated] Can you grab a 6 pack and some moscato on the way home?

Jordan:                             Um no.

Johanna:                          Well, why not?

Jordan:                             You serious?.... [pause] Because I’m dressed as a damn superspy, Jo? And I don’t have my license.

Narrator:                           Had she gone completely off her rocker? I was almost concerned.

Johanna:                          Oh, right... Okay, fine, I’ll go grab some from down the street. I’m shutting off the comm system for the next 10 minutes.

Narrator:                           I heard a little boop, and I climbed back out the window. At least I knew he did actually stay there. And at least I’d get answers about him soon.
I went home, thought about changing out of the uniform but left everything

Narrator: (cont)                 but the mask on. The suit is not very bulky, so I figured it would be fine
underneath my other clothing just in case. I had a drink with Jo. She said she was tired, but that she’d leave the equipment to record my time with Dean. She went to bed, and I upgraded my outfit a little.

Narrator:                           I decided on a pair of black slim cargo pants, a fitted red dress shirt with rolled sleeve tabs and gold buttons, and a black 4 button suit vest. I let my hair be it’s normal self. I’ve always believed that when meeting an ex-boyfriend, it’s important to look your best, look like you don’t miss them. Look like you’re thriving, and show them what they lost when they gave you up. Is that petty and juvenile? Oh, of course. But it gives you confidence, and keeps you from making the same mistakes. I’d need both of those for this. Plus, he’d bought me that vest on my birthday the first year we were together.
I arrived at 9:17 pm, exactly 2 minutes after we’d planned to meet up. Dean was there already, standing outside, ever the punctual one. His chestnut hair had had been cut to medium length, and as he always did, he wore it in a straight and slightly spiked, exactly the way I’d always loved it. He’d run a comb through it tonight, parting it slightly to one side. He was wearing a similar dress shirt to mine, but he’d worn a tie. I have to say, he looked pretty sharp. Of course. Damn it.
He was looking around apprehensively, until he saw me and our eyes met. For a flash of a second, he smiled like he had a year before, before the secrets and before he broke my heart. His smile faded, as if he
remembered the whole story unfolding in the same flash, remembering where we stood. He looked down and then looked up, his face fixed. I was feeling slightly less hostile because of the drink from earlier, but I still was a little adversarial. I spoke first.

Jordan:                             Shall we go in?

Narrator:                           He nodded, but didn’t move for a second. I stared at him and cocked my head to the side. He stared at me.

Jordan:                             Um... Dean?

Dean:                               Sorry, Jordan... you just...

Jordan:                             What?

Dean:                               You look really good tonight.

Narrator:                           This made my heart swell in spite of itself. I responded without really thinking.

Jordan:                             Thanks, you do too. [pause] Can we go in?

Narrator:                           We entered the restaurant, and sat at a booth, slightly secluded near the rear of the restaurant, but away from the kitchen. The waitress, who remembered us from all the times we were here before, brought us the wine we always drank here. Great service at this place. I took a few sips, for courage, before asking Dean what information he brought about Dad.

Dean:                               Before we get to that... I really want to talk, J.

Narrator:                           I rolled my eyes involuntarily. He stopped and gave me a look that said, I’m being serious, we have to deal with this. He continued on, and I knew he meant every word.

Dean:                               I know I messed up. Nothing can make up for what I did to you, I know that. But... I still love you. I really just need to know what happened. I mean, I know what I did, even though I don’t know how he got there or why I did it... but there was something you weren’t telling me. I could feel it. It was causing us to fight. That day, when you left in the morning, I thought we were over. I thought you were done with me. You left so quickly...

Narrator:                           I raised my hand, and he stopped speaking. I drained my glass, and began.

Jordan:                             Dean, I loved you. A part of me probably always will. But there are things you don’t know about me, things you can’t really ever know. And I get how much that was eating away at you. I could see that. That day, I was about to give in. I should have told you back then that, when I left, I knew that I never wanted to lose you. I wanted to bring us together, so that we could finally be close enough for me to tell you what you wanted to know. I trusted you. [starts getting teared up]
What I didn’t tell you that day? Well, I didn’t tell you that, after our fight, I went to the Estate, and I got the ring that Thomas Wade gave to Ayita, a family heirloom that is as old as New Ark City itself. I loved you more than anything in the entire world, and I wanted you by my side forever.

Narrator:                           I paused, aware of the face that slow tears were running down Dean’s face... and mine as well. The restaurant was quiet, and some of the servers were looking on. I adjusted my volume.

Jordan:                             Of course, we know what happened next. I was gone for all of 1 hour. I came home, and I could hear it from the doorway. I saw his underwear on the floor of the kitchen. I saw your shirt hanging off that stupid lamp. Your underwear was on the door handle, like some college frat house. Something in me already knew what was behind the door, but I had to see it to make sure. I opened the door. I just stood there and watched. Neither you nor that man noticed me until you both had finished. I watched you kiss him. I watched you... and he....

Narrator:                           I couldn’t continue. I was stuck on the image. The man Dean was with was cute I suppose, if you were into a guy like that. At the time I didn’t think about this, but he wasn’t truly an obvious physical downgrade from me. I think that’s another part of why it hurt. I had to shake off the hurt feelings for a second, but before I could speak next, Dean had grabbed my hand and was holding it to his forehead. He spoke so lightly that I could barely hear him.

Dean:                               Jordon... I know I ruined us. I broke every ounce of trust you had for me. I don’t remember what happened. One minute, I’m running to the door to run after you, and he just appears in front of the door, and the next thing I know, I was... we were... and you were there. I didn’t even know who that guy was.

Narrator:                           I withdrew my hand. The anger was back.

Jordan:                             [accusatory] Oh, but now you know who he was? I bet you continued to screw him after that, didn’t you?

Dean:                               No, I didn’t. I promise you, I didn’t. I never saw him again.

Narrator:                           He took a deep breath, and proceeded, his tears having stopped.

Dean:                               I only just found out today. I found out his name. A guy came into the station today. The guy told me he’d been hired by a young man that matched the... well, that guy’s physical description. It was a random thing to admit. The guy who came in said that he’d seen a guy matched the description of Jared’s shooter from earlier this year in the same place he was in when he was hired. He said he was hired by the guy that I... well, you know, and he was hired to stalk you. Does the name Alejandro mean anything to you?

Narrator:                           I shook my head. That name sounded slightly familiar. Dean continued.

Dean:                               Well, that’s the guy. He’s the son of Don Antonio, leader of the Parcelli Mafia.  The anonymous call that came in said he Alejandro, hired people to stalk you around the city. This was 2 months before you found me with him. I knew I had to tell you. I can’t officially do anything more. Worse still, you were there. That shooter knows your face. If we caught him, his lawyer would get him out on bail... You know he would have one of the Parcelli lawyers on his case. He wouldn’t stay jailed too long.

Narrator:                           There was a pause and then Dean grabbed my hand again, this time squeezing it.

Dean:                               Promise me that you’ll stay safe the next few weeks until he’s behind bars, okay? I know I lost your trust, but I can’t lose you entirely. I… I love you.

Narrator:                           There was a long silence. Was Jared shot because I interrupted Dean and Alejandro? Was this my fault? The boy I saw looked about my age... Even if he is Mafia, no way he could come up with the money for a marksman. Plus the guy never got paid? Did Don Antonio want my family dead because his son wanted my boyfriend? What the hell kind of reason is that to kill a family? I mean, Dean is hot, but come on. I looked at him again, and I thought about it a little more. This wouldn’t have happened had Dean not invited that boy into that house. This filled me with a renewed sense of disgust and rage. I stood up to leave.

Jordan:                             Thank you, Detective Morrighain. I’ll investigate on personal time.

Narrator:                           This crushed him. I actually felt pity for him for a moment. But then I turned and walked out the door. I walked slowly a few paces from the door, and froze for a moment. My vision blurred, like it had the first time I’d seen BlackBird. I could’ve sworn I heard a whisper, but it was hard to make out. Did it say, ‘Forgiveness’? I was down just long enough for Dean to chase me after paying for the drinks. I heard what sounded like a clap of thunder nearby.

Dean:                               [chasing] Wait, Jordan, please just wait.

Narrator:                           I stopped, and turn to face him. His right arm rose to my face and he kissed my lips, with the tender passion they always had, the way he used to. I hesitated, but ultimately pushed him off me, shaking my head. He tried again, and I pushed him up against the wall, with my right forearm across his chest, and my left arm pinning his arm.

Jordan:                             Don’t touch me...

Narrator:                           There was unbridled fury in my voice. I held him for a few seconds, staring into his eyes. I could feel my steely resolve melting as I looked into his brown eyes. It was the kiss that broke my anger down. I eased my arm off of his chest, and leaned my head forward. We kissed, and time seemed to stop. The world didn’t seem to matter at all. I realized that the love I felt for him had never truly let itself die. I don’t think it could have even if I tried.
At few moments into our passionate kiss, my comm device crackled on. Johanna’s voice buzzed in my ear, sounding nervous.

Johanna:                          Jordan, I’ve got a major alert. Blackburn Labs is on fire.

Narrator:                           I turned away from Dean, and pressed my ear, listening to her. I pulled my cellphone out and held it to my ear, to make it look like I’d answered a call.

Johanna:                          The explosion just hit. The explosion sent out a weird radiation sequence I’ve never seen before. Came from inside the building. The Fire crew is mobilizing, but they’re being delayed by something. Right before the explosion, I got a text from Scarlett. Not sure how she got my number, but she said she feels a major magical energy surge happening.

Jordan:                             Roger that, Jo. On my way. 2 minutes away.

Narrator:                           I started to run away towards the lab.

Johanna:                          Hurry. I don’t want to alarm you, but there are at least 2 people inside. Keiran is said to have swiped in, so he could be inside. Have you got your suit?

Jordan:                             Yes, Underneath.

Johanna:                          I’ll meet you a few blocks down, monitoring from the agency. I’ll be on my bike.

Narrator:                           The comm disconnected, and I realized Dean was following me.

Jordan:                             Dean, I’m sorry. There is an emergency at the Lab! I’ve got to go.

Narrator:                           I called back to him, increasing my speed. I heard him protest. I thought he would turn around and go away, so I cut down a dark alley.
I had to do something different for travel. I didn’t have time to use my grappling dart, so instead, I created force fields to hop on to get up the fire escape quickly and jumping roofs. I arrived in exactly 2 minutes. Jo was in the alley like she said. I don’t know that I’ve ever changed faster, or in a more public place. Jo signalled to her ear, and to the laptop she was carrying. I got the message loud and clear, and turned on  As soon as the mask was on, I ran back out. The fire was high and blazing a bright blue color. The fire seemed to be coming from and isolated to, not surprisingly, from the third floor where the most chemical experiments occurred. I assumed the color of the fire was due to the chemicals. I didn’t know if anyone was in there but I had to check. I put a small bubble around my face to deal with oxygen and smoke. I wasn’t yet good at the idea of multiple strong shields, but I had to try. I’d have to be careful to avoid harm, but I was going to investigate and save people if needed. I ran into the building.
The heat was staggeringly difficult, as was the smoke. There was a lot of popping, from the various vials storing chemical compounds in the various labs. I had already been in this building twice, both times to help survey the lab and meet up with Jo on a break. I ran up the back stairs, where visibility was better and the sprinkler system had taken care of the smaller flames. As soon as I landed on the Third floor, I started calling out “Hello!” at the top of my lungs. I didn’t hear anyone’s reply, but something in me felt a human presence around.
I pressed my comm to activate Jo’s earpiece.

RedWing:                          Jo, can you do a scan of the third floor? The fire seems to be concentrated to here, but the smoke is making visibility difficult.

Johanna:                          Already on it. The security cameras are still active, and they have a smoke filter. We built this floor specifically to withstand fire, especially after last time.

Narrator:                           She was silent for about 10 seconds before responding.

Johanna:                          Someone is in Lab Suite 307. They are by themselves, but I can’t see a face.

RedWing:                          I’m on it.

Narrator:                           I sprinted toward the hallway. I found the correct door, and tried to touch the handle. I pulled back my hand when it almost burned me. I put a forcefield around the locks, solidified it, and then made it disappear, leaving just a whole in the door. I kicked the door in. There was a man in a labcoat slumped over the computer in the corner. The flames were very close to licking his trouser legs. I ran over to him, and shook him awake.

RedWing:                          Hey, hey buddy. Time to go.

Narrator:                           The man shook his head, and opened his eyes a bit. He looked terrified, but he reached down to the computer and pressed a button. A mechanical whirring behind me had me whip around. I saw a giant swirling blue energy swirling in between 2 electrodes. It whirred for another 10 seconds before shooting out in an arch of blue light. The arc of blue energy seemed to cut through my chest, and I was knocked backwards, as did the scientist. My comm buzzed.

Johanna:                          [worried] Oh my god! Ow, what is that? Are you okay? Answer Jordan, please.

RedWing:                         I’m fine. I’m bringing him out.

Narrator:                           I picked up the scientist, who was a relatively small and light fellow. I ran out toward the broken windows. I tripped over someone, and realized it was Keiran. I scooped Keiran up too. I threw the two men out the window, putting them in a forcefield and making their fall gentle and controlled, they landed softly on the ground. That used a fair bit of energy, with fighting gravity and all. I pressed the comm and told Jo to get Keiran in the ambulance.

Dean:                               Hands up! And turn around slowly.

Narrator:                           I turned around. I was standing face to face with Dean, who was pointing his gun at me. I was speechless. How did he get up there?

RedWing:                          Dean, how the hell can you be here right now?”

Dean:                               Who the f-? How do you know my name?

Narrator:                           My voice was still being modulated, and he didn’t recognize me.

RedWing:                          Look, Dean, we need to get out of here. Do you trust me?

Dean:                               Really? REALLY, masked man that just threw two people out of a window? Now is the time you’re gonna ask THAT?

Narrator:                           He seemed angry, but I really didn’t have time for that.

RedWing:                          Dean, put your arms around me if you want to live!

Narrator:                           He did as I commanded and I jumped out the window. The lab had another powerful explosion, forcing us forward, and singeing the back of Dean’s head. Dean screamed as we fell, but I began to swing us on my rope dart. I swung us over to the rooftop near the alley where Jo was. I looked back and watched the rest of the building collapsed into a heap of rubble. Jo was checking on Keiran, who was awake and coughing. He had inhaled a bit of smoke, but he would be fine. I knew Johanna had seen me with Dean, so she knew I was alright. I looked across, towards the collapsed building, and saw a flash of blue light.
Dean let go of me, and took a step back, raising his gun. I put the rope dart back in it’s holster.

Dean:                               [out of breath] What the hell is this? I don’t understand... Who are you?

Narrator:                           Dean was looking angry and suspicious. I was backed into a corner. I mean, he could shoot me, I could jump off the building, I could knock him out. I had options, but something clicked in me. I was done. I didn’t want to fight him anymore. He deserved to know finally. I looked at the ground, and grabbed one side of my mask. I peeled it away from my face, turned around, and looked at Dean. His jaw dropped, and he lowered his gun.

Dean:                               J-Jordan. What... Why... How did you?

Jordan:                             Well, you wanted to know what I was keeping from you before. This is it. I am RedWing and I am defending this city.

Narrator:                           I held up my hands and a small force field, like a little bubble, appeared before me.

Dean:                               How.... are you doing that?

Narrator:                           He touched the outside of the orb, feeling it’s hard surface.

Jordan:                             After my parent’s died, I developed this ability. I can create these force fields, and move them with my mind. At first, I didn’t use them at all, but now I use them to protect and serve.

Narrator:                           I threw in the last line, trying to appeal to his sense of duty as a cop. Judging by the eyeroll he gave me, he wasn’t at all buying it.

Dean:                               And you kept this from me, the ENTIRE time we were together?”

Jordan:                             Well, yes, but only the powers piece. I became RedWing after we broke up.

Dean:                               I can’t even... just... what? I’d should’ve known it was you thought, I’d recognize that ass anywhere... For starters, you know this is illegal right? Vigilantism is a crime. You can’t take justice into your own hands, you’re a private citizen.

Jordan:                             Actually you can, by making citizen’s arrests. Which I’ve done. Besides, Being a mobster is illegal, but clearly that hasn’t stopped some people. Also, I’m not just a private citizen. I’m a detective, remember?

Dean:                               Barely a detective! You gave up your shield when you left the job at the station. Also, At least the mafia doesn’t do all their stuff in tights!

Jordan:                             And neither do I! These pants are vinyl.

Narrator:                           Not the best time to argue logistics. 

Jordan:                             Look, I’m not doing anything any righteous person would not do. I respond to the police calls, because sometimes I’m just faster than you all. I patrol the streets at night. I’ve stopped 6 sexual assaults in last week alone.

Dean:                               So you’re the reason that guy came in with an open wound from a blade, talking about getting his ass kicked by a bird.

Narrator:                           I chuckled, but realized that wasn’t the time to be proud.

Dean:                               And sidenote, is that... Darque Steel?

Narrator:                           I walked toward him, and he pushed his arms out in front of him, against my chest. I touched his arm. I took another step into him, and his arm folded a little. I was able now to reach my left hand to the small of his back to pull him toward me.

Jordan:                             Look, Dean. We can hash this all out tomorrow. I’m sorry you had to find out like this. But now you do know... Now the secret is out.

Narrator:                           I looked at his eyes, and I saw a mixture of fear, admiration, and understanding. I decided to reassure him.

Jordan:                             I’m still human. I may be a little more powerful, but I’m still me... you know what’s in my heart.

Narrator:                           I pushed up against him more seductively,

Jordan:                             And speaking of things in my body, a big part of me wants to get back to what we were doing before the explosion.

Narrator:                           Corny, I know. It got a laugh out of him though, so there’s that. I leaned my head in and kissed him. He hesitated for a moment, but his resistance faded and we kissed passionately. We separated just long enough for us to make our way to Dean’s apartment, where we started to make up for all the time during the lost year.