Guardians, Episode 3: What Have You Done?

[Scene 1][Kit’s Korner]

[Kit:]    Hello, Kittens. It’s your favorite stylishly intrepid journalist, Kit Mojito, filling you in on the most pressing local news and the hottest gossip in New Ark City. And my oh my, Kitten’s do I have a special show for you today. Today’s show will REDEFINE what you believe is even REAL about the world. But I think we should go in order, don’t you? Let’s start at the beginning. There was a murder in the morning, 2 queer youth sadly taken too early. Let us have a moment of silence for them, please. [beat] Mmm. Rest in paradise, gentleman. Anyway, so, while I was at the crime scene, I was approached by a source and given an inside scoop on something I thought, and quite frankly still think, is absolutely buckwild. So you KNOW I was gonna be there, because Kit Mojito Carbone, what? Never turns down a lead, honey! Anyway, so Mister Jordan Redfield-Wade was throwing a semi-private shindig at the Redfield-Wade Estates. Oooo, how Bougie… And I was given exclusive rights to livestream the inside the meeting. Also, an update on our good old friend JRW: word on the street is that he and Hunky McStudmuffin, aka Dean Morrighan, cannot agree on very crucial wedding details. Do I detect trouble in paradise? I don’t know about y’all, but if Dean goes back on the market, the boys in blue might be seeing a lot more of me at the NACPD, honey. Anyway, at the little soiree, Jordan made an announcement that had the entire audience shook. You see, everyone expected Jordan and the rest of the Founding Family Council to back Current Mayor and New Ark City Sweetheart, Fayth Flaherty, for the upcoming election. Well now that FFC is torn torn torrrrn, hunty. Jordan announced that he too will be running for Mayor of our fair city. I was shook. It’s no secret that Jordan and Fayth ain’t seen it for each other in a minute, but I did NOT expect Jordan to do something that shady or manipulative, and honestly a little tacky. That was buckwild on it’s own, but the night only got stranger. We discovered that little miss Elizabeth Brennan had apparently been missing for 6 months. Other…. Details came to light, but out of respect to Lizzy Brennan, I will not be going into details. I would like to say that the person responsible for her pain was behind bars, but I can’t. I witnessed this with my own eyes. Lizzy Brennan killed her parents and abuser using some form of what I can only describe as magic. When it looked as though she was going to turn this power onto the other attendants, RedWing and his vigilante gang showed up with their own surprise magical abilities. I personally would like to thank RedWing for making sure I live to see another day. Currently, Lizzy Brennan is still alive, but she is in critical condition at New Arklow General Hospital. Now, even though I was shaken during the incident, I caught all of it, the whole thing, on video. Please, if you are faint of heart, note that the following clip might be disturbing.

[Scene 2] [The Agency] {scarlett’s big reveal}

[Narrator:]    Whether or not you love or hate Kit, you have to acknowledge they are great for a bright red lip, a sharp tie, and a rousing summation of events. Kit is nothing if not a storyteller. I shut off the broadcast, and turned back to face Johanna and Scarlett. Scarlett had requested that only the two of us be around when she filled us in on what she knew, on who the Collector was and what exactly he was collecting. She was holding her cup of tea gently, trying to keep it from rattling, and taking deep calming breaths. I was concerned at how worked up she was about what she was about to say, and I hoped that we’d all feel better after she told us. We’d at the very least be more prepared, I could only hope.

[Scarlett:]    O-okay… I think I’m ready. [deep shuddering sigh]

[Jordan:]    Take your time, Scarlett.

[Johanna:]    Yeah, baby, we’re right here with you.

[Narrator:]    Johanna gripped Scarlett’s hand, causing Scarlett’s tensed up shoulders to loosen slightly.

[Scarlett:]    To understand this, we have to go back, back to when I was a little girl, living in Cork. I was brought into this world within the Kealkil Stone Ring, surrounded by my mother and her coven, the daughters of the moon. My mother chose that spot, because anyone born there was said to be blessed with great benevolent power, and indeed she was right. When I was a wee toddler, I could summon rain or sunshine. I would play with the fey folk, and they treated me like a young queen. I would build them small houses and leave them offerings, and they along with the coven taught me all about magic. Of course, when it came time to attend school, I did, but I would keep to myself. I had heard tell of what non-witches thought of my family and my mother’s coven… As you can imagine, though, it is really hard to keep the amount of magic I had a secret. I was playing near the stone ring one day when I was 8, and heard a young boy crying. He had been bitten by a snake, and it looked poisonous. There were no adults around, so I did what I had to, and I used my powers to heal his leg. The little boy thanked me, certainly, but his family tried to burn my families house to the ground, claiming I was some kind of changeling demon child. My mother and I were forced to move to London. I was put into private school. I didn’t really use my powers much, just the occasional good luck charm for a friend in their time of need.

[Narrator:]    She paused for a moment, to collect herself.

[Scarlett:]    The Daughters Of The Moon coven welcomed me into the coven officially when I was 13, but my ceremony was… strange. When I drew down the moon, the standard right of passage for witches… the moon went from silvery white-ish blue to an angry blood red. I was scared, I didn’t know what it meant. The head witch said that it was a sign that I was too powerful, and that my powers wouldn’t be benevolent. She told me I must always wear this bracelet, the one you’ve always seen on my wrist. It would restrict my powers and keep them from consuming me and keep me from hurting others. I was fine with this. There is more than one way to work a spell, and more than one way for me to use magic for good… And that’s what I tried to do. Until I met… him...

[Jordan:]    Go on.

[Scarlett:]    When I was 18, I met Rhys Martin. I met him in university. He was tall and blond, and dashing. I was… well, I was smitten almost immediately. He played lacrosse, but he wasn’t brash or bro-ish. He was smart. He was one of the only people who I could actually engage in debate about mythology and metaphysics. It wasn’t long before he told me that he was a witch as well. It was a dream come true. He asked me on a date… one thing led to another, and we were together for 5 years. When I was 23, we moved into a flat together, and on Samhain that same year, he proposed to me on the London Bridge. The ring was beautiful… I said yes. [voice breaking]... but that’s when it happened… A few feet from us, a cyclist fell off their bike in the middle of the street, and a car swerved to miss them, veering right for Rhys and myself. Rhys… Rhys… [crying]

[Jordan:]    Scarlett, I’m so sorry… you don’t need to say it… you can just show me.

[Narrator:]    Scarlett touched my temple, and I could see her memories. I saw the car slam into Rhys. I watched the car and Rhys fly right off the bridge and into the water. A tear fell from my own eye. I heard Scarlett scream. I saw her pull off the bracelet and saw her eyes glow a deep blood red. I watched as she lifted Rhys’s body from the water, laying him gently on the pavement. His eyes were open, but sightless. I saw the cyclist run over and ask if she needed help… And then I watched as Scarlett’s eyes turned black as she reached out and touched the man’s cheek. I heard the man scream, and I shook her hand away from my face. I looked at her, sitting in her chair, head in her hands, sobbing weakly.

[Jordan:]    Scarlett… What happened to the cyclist…?

[Scarlett:]    I didn’t realize it would work… All these years, I thought it had failed…

[Jordan:]    Scarlett… SCARLETT.... Did you… did you kill him?

[Narrator:]    She didn’t answer, but it didn’t take a genius. Scarlett had unleashed her powers in an effort to save the man she loved. She lost control, and she tried to trade the cyclist for Rhys. She thought it had failed, and left the country to forget everything she lost, and 7 years later, here we are. But she had not failed. Rhys was alive… and what’s more… this was not the first time I had seen Rhys.

[Jordan:]    Johanna… Rhys Martin is the scientist I rescued from the lab. He’s the one who sent out the shockwave. He did it so he could gather the powers that arose from it… but why?

[Scarlett:]    He… He… He wants to be immortal. There is an old magical theory that says he who possesses the control over the elements will gain control over life and death and creation itself… I’m so sorry. I never thought he would’ve survived.

[Jordan:]    We all make mistakes… I know neither of us will hold that against you. You weren’t in control.

[Johanna:]    What are we gonna do about this?

[Jordan:]    Mmm… I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know. But I know where we have to start.

[Narrator:]    I reached for my phone, and dialed Keiran.

[Jordan:]    come on.. Come on… pick up…

[Keiran:]    Hello, this is the Key.

[Jordan:]    “This is the key…” What the hell? Keiran, who taught you how to answer a phone.

[Keiran:]    What’s up, Jay? Anything important?

[Jordan:]    I need my biomedical dream team to figure out what’s wrong with the girls. We need to figure out what’ll wake them up. I’ve got Scarlett and Jo here.

[Keiran:]    Hey ladies. What’re you thinking?

[Jordan:]    Scarlett, I need you to reach out to your old coven, and dig up what you know about power theft. I’ll see about tracking down Rhys. Johanna, I need you to search for Rhys Martin’s image in as many places as possible, and see what you find. I need an alias, any kind of lead I can get for where zombie lover boy might have been the last 7 years.

[Johanna:]    You’ve got it. I’ll call a Lyft. Key, can you meet us in the lobby of New Arklow General?

[Keiran:]    Already on my way. See you soon. [hangs up]

[Jordan:]    Alrighty. Scoot, you guys. I’ve got some thinking to do. And Scarlett?

[Scarlett:]    Y-yeah?

[Jordan:]    If I was in your position, and it had been Dean lying there, I would’ve done the exact same thing.

[Scarlett:]    Really?

[Jordan:]    Without question. Now go on. I’ll see y’all tonight.

[Johanna:]    Stay Safe, Jordan.

[Jordan:]    Always do, Jo. Always Do.

[Scene 3][The Office] {Confrontation with Dean and then Fayth}

[Narrator:]    I shot off a text to Dean.

[Jordan:]    Safe to call?

[Dean:]    Sure. I’m in the precinct, but it’s quiet.

[Jordan:]    Okay, dialing in 3… 2... [phone rings for a second.]

[Dean:]    Hey, gorgeous.

[Jordan:]    Hey, handsome.

[Dean:]    What’s on your mind?

[Jordan:]    Okay, don’t freak out… but I talked to your moms yesterday.

[Dean:]    Oh? What about?

[Jordan:]    About your biological dad.

[Dean:]    [sigh, a little angry] I don’t really know why you would do something like that.

[Jordan:]    Look, I’m sorry, I know I crossed a line, having that convo without you there… but I did it because about a week ago, when we were sparring, you cried out suddenly and then blacked out. While you were blacked out, your body went haywire. You were saying a bunch of weird stuff, and you mentioned your father. I wanted to see if I could find out what happened to you, or maybe figure out what your dad had to do with it.

[Dean:]    Jay… Why didn’t you tell me about this? It happened to me, and you didn’t think to let me know?

[Jordan:]    I didn’t want to stress you out. And to be honest, I was scared… I mean sure, my future husband is bulletproof, but what if those bullets are coming from inside his brain? I was… I AM scared that there isn’t an answer. I just… I don’t know. I love you. I know I should have told you. I’m sorry.

[Dean:]    You’re right, you should have told me. I love you too. I understand. [sigh] Well? Did you find out anything?

[Jordan:]    I got a name, but your moms’ were being super weird about it. And what’s more, I didn’t find much of anything on him. The name they gave me was a dead end. My initial google search only turned up a mention of a Mr. Morrighan building a castle in the Western Massachusetts in the year 1885.

[Dean:]    That’s odd. Last name Morrighan? But why would they give you the name of someone from inside our family?

[Jordan:]    They said that as a couple they were required to adopt the name Morrighan, in exchange for that man fathering you.

[Dean:]    That’s… a really, really odd request.

[Jordan:]    Yeah, tell me about it. Have you heard from them?

[Dean:]    I’ll call them in a few. What’re you going to do in the meantime?

[Jordan:]    [Door opens and slams shut] Oh, shit. Uh, babe…. I’ll call you back. Call your moms. Bye. [Hangs Up]

[Fayth:]    What the fuck is your problem?

[Narrator:]    It was Fayth. Yikes. This was not good. Her face was the color of my family crest, and I was fairly certain I saw steam coming out of her ears. There was a fury in her eyes that felt strangely familiar.

[Jordan:]    And a top o’the mornin’ to you, too, Fayth.

[Fayth:]    You can fuck right off with your good mornings, Jordan, you loathsome tool!

[Jordan:]    [mocking] Oh my god, Fayth, how did you figure out my pornstar name?

[Fayth:]    Why did you do that, last night? What the hell business do you have running for mayor?

[Jordan:]    Oh, that’s what you’re mad at?

[Fayth:]    What else could I possibly be mad at?

[Jordan:]    Your edges? That looks like a bad wig. [slap] Wow, okay, I think I might have deserved that.

[Narrator:]    Fayth grabbed me by my shirt collar and pushed my back against a bookshelf. It shook, and a copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream fell and hit me squarely in the head.

[Jordan:]    OW, fuck, jesus. Ow.


[Jordan:]    Because I fucking could. Is there a problem?

[Fayth:]    Yeah. There is. The problem is you’re an immature fucking moron.

[Jordan:]    My IQ is 125. What’s yours? 25?

[Fayth:]    And that is exactly what I mean. Only a literal child would bring IQ to a fight over credentials for city government. I studied Poli-sci. I have a decade of experience working for the government and 4 years as council chair.

[Jordan:]    Blah blah blah, whatever, honestly, I don’t care about your career. My announcement had nothing to do with you. I see this as a moment to actually give the people what they want. I don’t think you’re cut out for the job, and I believe in being the change you want to see in your own government.

[Fayth:]    Why? WHY? What makes you think I can’t do this job? Point of fact, I’ve been doing the job for 6 months already, and I’ve made an actual difference.

[Jordan:]    Oh yeah? Well, where is your housing development for the homeless and needy?

[Fayth:]    Helping people is NOT about how much money you have to flash around. You’d know that if you weren’t an arrogant little shit head, but you’ve always been this way. You just throw money at your problems to fix them. I don’t know what your ACTUAL problem is with me, but I know that it’s a you-problem. I’m helping, while you throw parties that people lose their lives while attending. Honestly, have you even been to see those two girls in the ER? They are both in a coma after interactions with your vigilante pal.

[Jordan:]    I didn’t start this, Fayth. You were the one who was mean to me first. I tried to help you years ago, tried to do something nice for you, and ever since then you’ve been such a bitch to me.

[Fayth:]    drop out of the race.

[Jordan:]    Get out of my shop.

[Fayth:]    Make me.

[Jordan:]    Is that a threat?

[Fayth:]    I’m not nearly stupid enough for that.

[Jordan:]    [scoff] Wow. You’ve got 25 seconds to leave this office.

[Fayth:]    And If I don’t? What? Are you going to call the police chief?

[Jordan:]    You know what? FINE. FINE, FAYTH, you want to know why I actually made that announcement last night? I’ll tell you. It was a set up. It was a setup for RedWing. RedWing guessed that the creature calling itself Merrow would attack, and he asked me for a distraction. I wasn’t even going to file the paperwork, and thus not actually ever be on the ballot. And...

[Fayth:]    And what? Added bonus, you managed to piss me off? You wanted to keep me on my toes? I’m genuinely asking: what the fuck is your problem with me?

[Jordan:]    I guess I don’t like someone who will throw everyone and everything under the bus, just for a glimpse and taste of power. Whatever it takes, you always aim for the top. And I don’t think you deserve it.

[Fayth:]    And why don’t I deserve it? Hmmm? I didn’t have literal geniuses for parents, I had to earn each and every grade I got. I paid for my college myself, by working as an assistant in a law firm every holiday break. I shook every hand, I made every connection, I did everything I was supposed to do to become the youngest Mayor in our state’s history. And what about you, eh? What did you do to deserve your wealth and status? The answer is, of course, nothing. All of this belongs to your dead parents.

[Jordan:]    Don’t you dare speak of them.

[Fayth:]    And you know I’m right.

[Jordan:]    [pure venom] You know nothing about me. [sarcastic chuckle] Ain’t that funny? You’ve known me since we were children, and you know not a single goddamn thing about me. But then again, how could you know anything about me? That would require you caring about anyone else other than yourself, for once in your miserable life.

[Fayth:]    Pull out of the election.

[Jordan:]    I’ll pull out of the election when every jim, jake and john on the street corner pulls out of your whore of a husband’s ass.

[Narrator:]    She raised her hand to slap me again, but she just sighed and narrowed her eyes. I thought I saw them flash with a pink glow. I then saw a tear begin to form at the corner of her eye. She began to walk to the door.

[Fayth:]    Whatever. I’m going to go do my part. I’m going to go see those girls. But this isn’t over, Jordan, you hear me? This. Is. Not. Over.

[Jordan:]    BRING IT ON, Fayth. BRING. IT. ON. [door close]

[Narrator:]    That was draining. I texted Johanna to warn my crew about Fayth and the girls. I rubbed the bridge of my nose, and scowled at my desk. Was this really the line of “too far?” Was this the final straw before the knockdown dragout fight between me and Fayth? Honestly, I wasn’t sure. And to be quite honest about all of it? I don’t know why I did what I did. What is it about Fayth that rubs me the wrong way? Technically speaking, what she said about my wealth and status was very much true. My family helped build the infrastructure of this city. And when it came time for me to help people, I chose one of the only ways that would never give you any sort of positive publicity. And why was that? Why did I choose to be a Private Detective? How does the world truly benefit from me discovering that someone is cheating on their spouse? Simple, it doesn’t. This world and how it’s people treat each other are a very mixed bag. Our planet was able to support life, but we can’t even be kind to one another. I seldom require profit from these cases, so there is that at least. [pause] Something Fayth said nagged at me. I had seen her working hard all the time, and I still did. In public, she rarely let herself break but when she did, it was usually at me. Maybe the fault of that was on me somehow. I pondered this thought for an hour or so before receiving a text from Dean.

[Dean:]    My parents aren’t home, J… I’m freaking out. Their car isn’t in the driveway. There is no note about where they went. Just a page with weird symbols on it.

[Narrator:]    Dean sent an image that appeared to be three interlaced arcs with a circle going through the three loops. I knew this one: it was the Triquetra. Next to it in the photo was 3 black feathers, a half burnt candle, and the same shape that had appeared on Dean’s arm during his freakout. I was about to reply to the text, but Dean replied first.

[Dean:]    Jared just texted me. He needs us at 29 Fiction Ave. 3rd floor. Now.

[Jordan:]    … On my way.

[Narrator:]    I grabbed my jacket and bolted out the door.

[Scene 4][In The Doctor’s Office with Jo, Keiran and Scarlett]

[Narrator:]    Johanna, Keiran and Scarlett sat in the waiting room trying to think of a plan.

[Johanna:]    So we have 2 girls, both having been stripped of their powers by this Rhys fellow. Both these girls are in a coma, after going through some bizarre revenge-fueled ragefest?

[Scarlett:]    Seems just about right.

[Keiran:]    This doesn’t make full sense, but I think I get it partially. Jo, when you’ve looked at our powers in the lab, you found that they were a part of our DNA. Partially passed down in our families.

[Johanna:]    Sort of. I was able to find the differences between the activated DNA and the inactive DNA. When I was in my office, I snagged a copy of the girls’ DNA. Both Ember O’Hea and Elizabeth Brennan still had a few indications of Activated DNA.

[Scarlett:]    Wait… they did?

[Johanna:]    Seems it.

[Scarlett:]    Maybe… maybe that’s the ticket then.

[Keiran:]    How so?

[Scarlett:]    Remember when Jordan held in the bulk of that explosion? He was unconscious for 3 days due to simple exertion. When we looked at the contents of his blood right after the bomb, we noticed he wasn’t healing himself due to a lack of life force magic in his blood. He started healing because he was on his property.

[Johanna:]    Scarlett... are you suggesting we kidnap 2 coma patients, and bring them to the Estate?

[Scarlett:]    No, god, no, of course not. I’m suggesting we give them a little magical boost. Keiran, I’m sure someone in your pantheon can heal magical ailments. Do you think you can call them forth? Perhaps I can ask them what to do?

[Keiran:]    That… That’s a good plan. It could work. But what if we wake the girls up and  they are still.. You know…

[Johanna:]    “Teenage Rage Zombies?” TeenRagers?”

[Keiran:]    Sure, Let’s go TeenRagers.

[Scarlett:]    We’re just going to have to risk it. They can’t stay like this. The damage from the coma gets more permanent the longer it lasts.

[Keiran:]    Alright. Wait… Hey, that’s Fayth.

[Johanna:]    Jordan told me she would be here… And she’s going into Elizabeth’s room. Keiran, you’re in doctor’s attire, quick, follow after her.

[Keiran:]    Jo, wait, what-?

[Narrator:]    Johanna pushed Keiran toward Elizabeth’s door. Keiran stood in the doorway, and watched as Fayth approached the girl. She gently touched Elizabeth’s hand, picking them up and holding them in a tender manner. Fayth spoke softly, but Keiran could hear just enough.

[Fayth:]    You poor thing… I wish I had known about your suffering before. I wish I had been able to help you.

[Narrator:]    Keiran watched as a tiny tear dropped from Fayth’s eye and fell on Elizabeth’s hand. Fayth’s eyes glowed a gentle pink color and Keiran could’ve sworn he saw a little ripple of pink where the tear landed on her skin. There was a beat, and then Elizabeth open her eyes.

[Elizabeth:]    Fayth…? What are you doing here?

[Fayth:]    Oh my god… You’re awake.

[Elizabeth:]    Where are… where are my parents?

[Fayth:]    You… You don’t remember?

[Elizabeth:]    What are you talking about…?

[Fayth:]    I’m so sorry to tell you, sweetheart, but… your parents are dead. They were the victim of a violent attack, as were you, at the home of Jordan Redfield-Wade. You’ve been in a coma. What is the last date you remember?

[Elizabeth:]    Oh god… I don’t know. It was mid-September, I think?

[Fayth:]    That was six month ago. [beat] Okay, I’m going to go get the doctor. Don’t worry, everything will be okay. I’ll be right here with you.

[Elizabeth:]    Wait… Where… Where is Ember?

[Keiran:]    She is also in a coma..

[Elizabeth:]    Who are you…?

[Keiran:]    I’m… uh… well, I’m a friend of RedWing. He, uh, sent me to check on you, to see if you’d changed at all. He actually sent me here to heal you.
[Elizabeth:]    I was in a coma… How could you have healed that?

[Keiran:]    I don’t exactly know. I’d figure something out.

[Elizabeth:]    Do… do you think you can fix Ember?

[Keiran:]    I promise you that I will try.

[Elizabeth:]    Okay.. go. Go fix my friend. Thank you. [beat] wait.. What’s your name?

[Keiran:]    You can call me Sparrow.

[Narrator:]    Keiran walked out of the room, narrowly avoiding Fayth as she came back in. After a quick whispered word to Jo about keeping tabs on Fayth and Elizabeth, Keiran walked down the hall, finding Ember’s room. He made a show of checking the charts, and entering the room. The room was familiar to him. This was the same room where he’d said goodbye to his father for the last time. He shuddered and  walked over to the unconscious girl. She was still covered in a what looked like a layer of ash. Keiran stared at the girl, and put his hand on his dad’s pendant.

[Keiran:]    Dad… If you are listening… Oh, who am I kidding, I know you can hear me. Of course you can… that’s part of this gift you left me. I know you’re listening… -sigh- Papa… I need help. I don’t know what gift Fayth has, I don’t know how she healed that girl, but now I must heal this one. And… -sigh- gods above, I just don’t know how. I don’t even know what’s wrong with her…

[Narrator:]    There was a small noise behind Keiran, and a voice spoke.

[Wilson:]    You mean you went to medical school for 3 years and you STILL don’t know the first rule with a new patient?

[Keiran:]    OH MY GOD… Oh Christ almighty! Jesus, Dad! A little warning next time?

[Wilson:]    You know I like to make an entrance.

[Keiran:]    {chuckle} right… you haven’t appeared to me before now, but I’m glad you’re here… Wait… I thought you moved on? Onto the next plane of existence?

[Wilson:]    Oh, son, I did, and let me tell you, the Mai Tais in heavenly Guinea are too die for. But when your son, your own flesh and blood Houngan (whoon-GAN) of a son, calls out for you, you answer it. But we may not have much time.

[Keiran:]    Have you… have you ever seen this before?

[Wilson:]    All those years ago, when Terry and Malia banished Isaac, they stripped him of his powers. I helped them do it. I summoned their ancestors and with their help, they drained his power known as “the Guardian’s Power” from him. They captured every last drop of that power and with the ancestral blessing, they severed the connection to the land so he could never recharge that gift. So all he had left was the power to move objects. Had they taken both of his powers, he would’ve been left much like Ember here.

[Keiran:]    But how do we pull her out of it?

[Wilson:]    She is strong. She did not let all of her power go. She simply cannot charge them like Jordan can. She doesn’t know how. You need to help her reignite that spark. And for that, you’ll need to call somebody through the mark of Legba.

[Keiran:]    But who do I…?

[Wilson:]    I must go, my son. I love you, my little Key. Be strong, my boy.

[Keiran:]    Dad, wait, I…. {pop} oh… okay, Papa. I love you too.

[Narrator:]    Wilson LaCroix’s transparent body disappeared. Keiran was left looking at Ember’s closed eyes. He waited a second, and then he dug his hand into his pocket, pulling out a single matchstick.

[Keiran:]    Maybe this is what she’ll need to reignite that spark? May it’ll help. Okay… Okay. Let’s… okay… which of the Loa do I call on here… um… OH wait… I’ve got it… Sobo Kessou, for strength and magical healing. Perfect.

[Narrator:]    Keiran’s eyes glowed a purple color and Legba’s mark on his neck began to glow a matching purple as well.

[Keiran:]    Mwen rele Sobo Kessou soti nan pòtay la. Sobo, lespri nan loraj, tanpri geri ti fi sa a. Renmèt etensèl la nan lespri la. {I call forth Sobo Kessou from the gate. Sobo, spirit of thunder, please heal this girl. Restore the spark to her spirit.}

[Narrator:]    Keiran’s hands glowed a dark blue color. He hovered his hands above the match he’d placed over Ember’s heart. There was a clap of thunder and a jolt of electric energy passed through his hands and into her chest, igniting the match before disintegrating it entirely. The match joined the layer of ash on her skin for only a second before Ember sat straight up in the hospital bed, her eyes springing open and sucking in a mouthful of air. The energy from Keiran instantly died down and he fell backwards onto the ground a nearby chair. Ember’s eyes looked terrified and filled with shock. Before Keiran could act, she pulled the IV’s and tubes out of her arm and nose, stood up, and ran down the hall. Keiran didn’t get up in time to follow, but what he heard from Jo and Scarlett about 5 minutes later, was that Ember ran down to meet Elizabeth and Ember threw herself into Elizabeth’s arms, and that the two girls embraced, never willing to be parted by anyone in space and time, ever again.

[Scene 5] [Fiction Ave]

[Narrator:]    When I opened the door to the 3rd floor apartment at 29 Fiction Ave, I didn’t know what I would find. Only a few years ago, I’d opened this door to find a dead woman with black hair, pale skin, and ruby red lipstick lying naked inside a glass box, clutching a Red Delicious apple that had been dipped and coated in arsenic. This was a few days after down the street from Johanna’s and my former apartment, they’d found the bodies of a straight couple dead of stab wounds in their bed and the naked body of another young woman drowned in a kiddy pool just outside their window, on their fire escape. It was about 3 days before Dean and I located the body of a sex worker in a red dress that had become a meal for her pet Husky named Oscar. Fortunately, she was the last of the Fairytale Killer’s victims, but it never failed to make me nervous, getting called back to the scene of one of my most trying cases. I don’t know that I could’ve been prepared for what I actually got though. When I pushed open the door, I noticed the room was completely empty except for 3 chairs occupied by 3 people. All 3 stood when I entered. One of them was Dean who looked more worried than I’d seen him in a while, the other was an Officer that I remembered as Officer June who looked apologetic, and the other was a woman I didn’t recognize, but I noticed she wore a similar outfit to Dean. Her brown hair was pulled back into a thin ponytail and her tanned skin was beginning to wrinkle. She was in her Mid-40s, and her eyes bore a general look that said, “look, pal, I’ve heard and seen it all.” Given the context, I deduced she was an officer of some kind, but I don’t think she answered to Jared. I think Jared and Dean answered to her.

[Detective:]    Are you Jordan Redfield-Wade?

[Jordan:]    When last I checked, yes, that’s my name.

[Detective:]    Ah, good. We’ve been waiting.

[Jordan:]    Hope I haven’t kept you too long, Officer...?

[Detective:]    Detective Coates.

[Jordan:]    Detective Coates. Charmed, I’m sure. Hey, Officer June. How’ve you been? How’s the wedding planning going? Were you able to get that location you wanted? I thought that I’d…

[Dean:]    (cough) Ahem… Jordan… now’s not really the time.

[Jordan:]    Oh….. Oh.

[June:]    I am… So Sorry, Jordan.

[Jordan:]    Um… for what?

[Detective:]    Jordan Redfield-Wade, you are under arrest for aiding and abetting a known criminal, obstruction of justice, and contributing to the murder of William O’Hea. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights as I have recited them for you, Jordan?

[Jordan:]    Y-Yes. Dean… Call my lawyer. Call Willa.

[Post Credit Scene 6] [Willa’s Office]

[Willa:] {Law Office sounds} Listen, Nick, I don’t care what you say, we’re not representing that dumbass in a court of law. {pause, for response} I would honestly rather swallow thumbtacks, and gargle with lime juice. This firm will not be doing that case. Not while my name is on the sign out front. Besides… There’s no… challenge there. There is nothing even interesting about his case. Plus, he’s 1000% guilty, and and he even TOLD them he was guilty. I just don’t have the time for that. But… {ring} Oh, Hold on Nick, I’m getting another call. Pray for an interesting client. {picks up phone} Hello? Oh, Detective Morrighan! How great to hear from you? How’re you and your fiance? {response pause} Oh… Oh you don’t say. Hmmm. {response} You’re kidding… Oh. No, you’re not kidding. Oh wow, well that’s… surprising. Okay then. {response pause} Oh, honey, say no more. I’m down. Absolutely. {response pause} Of Dean, come on, you know me. You know how much I love a good challenge. Don’t you fret about it… Willa Savage is on the case.