Guardians, Episode 5: What's Up?

[Scene 1] [Train Car]

[Marilyn:]    So where exactly are we going, Dean?

[Dean:]    There is a place on the other side of the state. My mothers went missing 3 weeks ago, but they left a note saying something about a castle belonging to someone with the same last name as me.

[Jeremy:]    Damn… But what would that have to do with Jordan?

[Dean:]    I have no idea, to be perfectly honest. I’m assuming they took him to get me to come out there. They could’ve just asked. I don’t understand all this drama. [pause] Jo, what did you find about our friends Liza and Alan.

[Johanna:]    I found some information on Liza but nothing on Alan. Her image brought up the old high school ID of a woman from a town just north of San Diego, California. Elisabel (El-E-Saw-Bell) ‘Liza’ Solanos (sew-lan-yos). Her name pulled up a few strange things in the database for fighting. A few missing person’s cases that have no real resolution. A lot of reports of her being in graveyards after dark. She always gets caught with weird items when she’s there, but she does seem a little weird in general. Apparently, also, the town she’s from no longer exists by the way, when I looked for it online, there was a literal crater. About that time, she disappeared. Obviously we know where she wound up but no idea where she’s been. But yeah, I couldn’t find anything on Alan.

[Marilyn:]    Yeah, you won’t find anything on him… for the same reason you won’t find anything on Jeremy and myself.

[Jeremy:]    That’s right.

[Dean:]    He called you Rook, Marilyn, so I’m assuming you know something about him.

[Marilyn:]    His name is Alan Grace. He was a member of The Division. His codename was Hunter. He was one of those people who got hit with the shockwave almost 14 years ago, like Jeremy and I did back home. He has a lot of the same powers as you do, Dean. He’s bulletproof, and he’s excellent with most weapons he picks up. He prefers the bow and arrow, because… well… His father and stepmother were killed with a gun. He’s not too keen on firearms.

[Dean:]    I can understand that.

[Jeremy:]    Yeah. He was a good guy. He had a bit of a temper there for a while. Just after he got his powers, he went a little… well, it got kinda intense, I guess you could say. But once that ended, he was definitely a charmer. He went missing about 7 months ago, which was why Marilyn and I had to leave immediately after the fiasco with the Mayor and that speech we made.

[Marilyn:]    Well, at least we found him now. But he’s never done something like this. He’s not the type of person to kidnaps someone and keep them hostage.

[Johanna:]    Well, he’s got my brother and my best friend, the mayor of the city, and 6 random formerly superpowered teenagers. So something is definitely up.

[Dean:]    Wait, 6 teens?

[Johanna:]    They got Ember and Liz Brennan too.

[Jeremy:]    Mezan mi… Well alright, I guess we need to be ready.

[Marilyn:]    I think they will be safe, but we’ll have to play this carefully. We’re going in blind here.

[Dean:]    I think that’s just what they want. But trust me, I know this crew. And we will be ready.

[Scene 2] [Coffee shop in the city]

{Sounds of a coffee shop}

[Barista:]    Welcome to Brushland Java. What can I get for you?

[Scarlett:]    I’d like strong black tea, please. Strongest, you have.

[Barista:]    I have the perfect thing for you. Irish Breakfast. Does that work?

[Scarlett:]    Indeed, thank you, that’s my favorite flavor.

[Barista:]    Alrighty, I’ll get that started. Anything else?

[Scarlett:]    No thank you.

[Barista:]    $3.25. Please.

[Scarlett:]    Here you are… Thank you… Also, I’m sorry if this is slightly strange. But, how long have you lived in this area?

[Barista:]    My whole life. I live with mi abuelita. My grandmother.

[Scarlett:]    Oh, lovely.

[Barista:]    Why d’you ask?

[Scarlett:]    I saw this flyer on my way in. You see, I’m sure you guessed, but I’m not from around here. I’m visiting from New Ark City.

[Barista:]    Oh, okay. Work or pleasure trip?

[Scarlett:]    I’m afraid I don’t know which yet, but I suspect a bit of both. I’m looking for a competent… well… {paper rustles}

[Barista:]    Hmmm, let’s see here… {reading} Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magic Services… Oh, so you’re looking for a bruja?

[Scarlett:]    Yes. And I wanted to see if she was any good.

[Barista:]    Why are you asking me?

[Scarlett:]    Well… I’m somewhat of a seer myself. Just now, when you were talking, I got a tiny vision of your grandmother. I’ve met women like her, with their old world traditions from the homeland. Put simply: I trust them. They always know what’s up. So I wanted to go to someone they believe in.

[Barista:]    Well, that was a smart plan. I always listen to mi abuela and my tias, and they all swear by Kal. I haven’t gone to her before, but if I ever have an issue of that sort in the future, I will be going to her.
[Scarlett:]    Well then I must go check her out, is she nearby?

[Barista:]    Yeah, she’s 2 blocks down from here. And here, take this. It’s her usual drink order, on me. Tell her Senora Espinosa sends her regards.

[Scarlett:]    Thank you again for all of your help.

[Barista:]    Hey, no problem, chica. Adios, brujita.

{exit door sound}

[Scene 3] [Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services]

{door chimes}

[Scarlett:]    Hello? Anyone here?

[Kalila:]    Hi, yes, hello.

[Scarlett:]    Ah, you must be Kalila. Pleased to meet you. My name is Scarlett Crescent.

[Kalila:]    Pleased to meet you too. Welcome. Is that your initiated name?

[Scarlett:]    Ah, so you truly are a witch. No, this is my given name.

[Kalila:]    How did you find me?

[Scarlett:]    I saw your flyer at Brushland Java. Señora Espinosa and her grandson send their regards. You came with really good recommendations. [pause] that surprises you? Why is that?

[Kalila:]    I didn’t… oh, you are... clairvoyant?

[Scarlett:]    Telepathic. I’m… well, it’s complicated. May I sit down?

[Kalila:]    Absolutely, please.

[Scarlett:]    Thank you. [pause] -sigh- I suppose that is why I’m here. I came to Brushland this weekend to clear my head. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the news from New Ark City out this way.

[Kalila:]    There was nothing on the actual news, but I saw it on some of the forums. That young woman killed people with water magic… I saw the video. What happened to her?

[Scarlett:]    She… -sigh- I don’t know. But she is fine now. I was one of the ones who helped take her down. I’m assuming I have your confidentiality?

[Kalila:]    All my clients do.

[Scarlett:]    Perfect. Well, I work with the masked hero known as RedWing.

[Kalila:]    Ah, got it. Cardinal, I’m guessing? I could tell… you know, cause of the hair.

[Scarlett:]    You know, I always told RedWing I thought it would be a giveaway. In any case… yes, I do know some light combat magic. Mainly paper incantations and whatnot. But… well, everytime I use larger kinds of magic, it usually gets pretty… pretty bad. I think there might be something inside me, something dark, and I don’t know what it is. I… I need the help of a sister witch to tell me what’s going on.

[Kalila:]    Okay, I can try. Did you have anything in mind to try first?

[Scarlett:]    Not really, no.

[Kalila:]    Lets start with a 3-card reading. Maybe that’ll reveal something useful. {Card sounds, shuffling, spreading out.} Okay, select the 3 cards. Card 1 symbolizes the… kind of blockage, I guess you could say. Card 2 symbolizes the why the blockage is there. And Card 3 will symbolize the future, or I guess what will happen when you do break through it.

[Scarlett:]    Alright. This one… this one… and this one.

[Kalila:]    Perfect… okay. Card 1… is… Oh. that’s… interesting. The Devil. When upright, that card signifies bondage. Something holding you back from unlocking true potential. Card 2… hmm. Okay. Card 2 is the Chariot in Reverse. Pretty clearly about loss of control. That’s straightforward here I think. And now for card 3… Oh. Oh that’s… That’s not… that’s not great. It’s the Tower. Three cards from the Major Arcana, so this must be pretty strong… but if you are freed from this, disaster and chaos will come.

[Scarlett:]    Disaster will come… my mother told me that when I was young. After my initiation, she gave me this bracelet, said it had belonged to my father, whom I never met. She told me to never take it off. She said that, if I did, disaster would come. I’ve only taken it off 2 times in my life since I got it, and both times things did get rather weird.

[Kalila:]    How so?

[Scarlett:]    I felt a surge of power, and I could feel the magic flowing through me, all around me. It felt… intoxicating. I lost myself in it, but when I came to both times, someone had been… well, someone had been badly hurt.

[Kalila:]    The magic made you hurt people?

[Scarlett:]    I don’t think the magic did anything. I think taking off the bracelet let something out, and I think that thing is what hurt people.

[Kalila:]    Huh… well okay. Interesting. Is that Cuneiform on that bracelet?

[Scarlett:]    It might be. I’ve never thought about it really.

[Kalila:]    Okay, well, let’s try something else. I’m going to try and read your energies, and see what I can feel. I might have a theory, but this will help me check.

[Scarlett:]    Okay…

[Kalila:]    Now, just relax… clear your mind, let the energy flow. [breathing….. Sharp energy sound] WOAH. WOAH.

[Scarlett:]    [Breathing fast] Are you okay?

[Kalila:]    Yes… yes… I just need a second. [pause] let me see that bracelet for a second?

[Scarlett:]    I shouldn’t take it off, I don’t think…

[Kalila:]    Don’t worry. I’ve got a lot of wards up. You should be held in your current state if I’m correct.

[Scarlett:]    And if you aren’t correct?

[Kalila:]    Then I’ll put it back on you.

[Scarlett:]    I’m hesistant about this… but okay. [takes off bracelet, and breathes deeply.]

[Kalila:]    Now close your eyes… I want you to picture something. Visualize a photograph hanging on the wall. This photograph is an image of an animal. I need you to look at it and tell me what animal it is.

[Scarlett:]    It’s… It’s a… It’s a lioness.

[Kalila:]    That’s what I thought. [puts bracelet back on] I know who it is, and yeah, you should have this on. That entity inside you is very… very dangerous.

[Scarlett:]    Please… tell me. Who is this entity?

[Kalila:]    Have you ever researched the folklore of ancient Egypt?

[Scarlett:]    No, I haven’t.

[Kalila:]    Well, long ago, in a time after the sun god Ra created humans, he saw the evil some people were doing to one another. Ra thought he would create a force that could remove the evil humans from the earth. From his head sprang a being with the head of a lioness. In just one day, the nile ran red with the blood of evil people. But the being refused to stop. She had tasted blood, and she continued to kill and wage war on humans until the gods came up with away to stop her. They feared she would return, this time born into the body of a human. And when she returned, her war would continue, and she would annihilate all life. Her name is Sekhmet… and she is the entity inside you.

[Scarlett:]    My god… She’s inside me?

[Kalila:]    Yes, she is. But don’t despair. As far as the legend goes, the only way she gains access to her godly destructive power is if she takes a human life. Until then she, and you are just a regular witch. Maybe a little more powerful than others, but in general just a witch. Now, so long as you don’t kill anyone, she won’t fully take you over. You will continue to have primary control on your magic… keep this bracelet on, and be careful. The fate of the world depends on your hands staying clean.

[Scarlett:]    Well, that’s good then. I feel like killing people is easy enough to avoid.

[Kalila:]    It’s harder than you think. All of that power is dangerous… It has a way of corrupting us.

[Scarlett:]    What do I owe you for this?

[Kalila:]    A favor. And just promise me that you won’t destroy the world. I’m kind of attached to it.

[Scarlett:]    Well thank you, and I promise I’ll try. If you ever need anything, anything at all… here’s my card. Shoot me a text and I’ll come down. Us witchy women have to stick together right? [Pause] And perhaps you can tell me all about that Grand Coven you were thinking about when I came in. I don’t mean to pry, but perhaps I’ll be able to help somehow, or at least lend a sympathetic ear. I know how those kinds of groups can be.

[Kalila:]    Thanks… I like that. I might just take you up on that.

[Scene 4] [The back of the padded rumbling van]

[Jordan:]    ...Mmph, ugh…. {grumble} Oww…

[Fayth:]    Oh finally, you’re awake.

[Jordan:]    Fayth… ugh, where are we?

[Fayth:]    I think we’re in the back of a van.

[Jordan:]    How long have we been in here?

[Fayth:]    Hard to say, but it’s been a little while. I think we’re on the highway.

[Jordan:]    Oh good grief. {sigh} Okay, okay. I guess… I guess we just have to deal with this. Have you tried shouting for the drivers?

[Fayth:]    Of course I did, I tried that like first thing. The padding makes us soundproof.

[Jordan:]    FUCK. ugh. Well okay. I guess we’ll just have to keep on going.

[Fayth:]    Gives us time to talk. So tell me what you were going to say in the courthouse.

[Jordan:]    What… oh after the trial? The one your lost.

[Fayth:]    What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, with your ego turned up to 650. Dial back that tone. We can keep this civil can’t we?

[Jordan:]    Fine.

[Fayth:]    -sigh- Well, anyway, after that trial you had something to say.

[Jordan:]    I honestly don’t remember. I think I was going to tell you to not walk out there because something felt wrong.

[Fayth:]    -scoff- why would you have even cared?

[Jordan:]    Because, Fayth, contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate you. And even if I did, I wouldn’t want to see you die.

[Fayth:]    … really? After you pulled all of that in the courtroom?

[Jordan:]    None of that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t tried to get me thrown in jail on bullshit charges and confronting me in a really fucked up way. In fact, if you want evidence that I don’t hate you, I didn’t press charges for you slamming me into a literal wall.

[Fayth:]    Oh, boohoo, someone confronted you. Big whup. Truly, all of this started because you wanted to prank me. Because you wanted to get under my skin. So, I’ll ask you this, was it worth it?

[Jordan:]    Well, how is your campaign credibility looking? Pretty shoddy, right?

[Fayth:]    [-tired sigh-] Just what the fuck is your problem, Jordan?

[Jordan:]    I could ask you the same question.

[Fayth:]    We aren’t even politically opposed to one another. I support all the same causes you do. We’ve voted the same in every election since we could vote. Why… why do you hate me so much?

[Jordan:]    Fayth, I’ve told you, I don’t hate you.

[Fayth:]    You tried to destroy my career. You have tried to fuck up both my mayoral campaigns. I know you are the one who told Kit about my husband’s… predilections.

[Jordan:]    Ugh, Fayth, you can just say GAY. Your husband was gay and screwing other people. You knew that already. I know you did. [beat] You know, when all that crap happened, and you got that anonymous text to ask you if you were okay? That was from me. I knew you’d never have talked to me about what was going on if you knew. But I could see how much it hurt to know he’d been caught. It’s rich that you thought I told Kit. I may be an asshole from time to time, but I’m not a monster. Fact is, he was caught doing something risky, something a lot of gay men do when they are closeted and have a wife.

[Fayth:]    That wasn’t hurt.

[Jordan:]    Bullshit you weren’t.

[Fayth:]    Fuck you, I’m serious, I wasn’t “hurt” over what he did. I was publicly humiliated and embarrassed. You are right, I did know what he was doing. He told me he was gay before that. I would never have told him to ignore that part of himself, because I’m not cruel. I told him to be discrete. I told him to make sure he didn’t get caught. I told him if he did, I’d have to leave him. I know you don’t believe it, Jordan, but I have a heart, and I know that because I gave it to him. I actually did love him. When I had to leave him, I cried for days. I dropped out of the race and Mayor Fields won his re-election. And I had to bury myself back in my work, and build myself back up to the kind of person who could be elected Mayor, and then who could become a senator. I wanted… I still want to make a difference.

[Jordan:]    I’m… I’m sorry, Fayth. I am really sorry for what you went through. That’s all terrible.

[Fayth:]    Thank you.

[Jordan:]    Why is this so important to you?

[Fayth:]    My mom, before she passed… she was head of the council. My dad… he just left us. Their marriage wasn’t working out, and he just checked out, and literally left the country and never came back. He’s in France, with his new family. He left my mom practically broke, so she had to fire her assistant, and I started helping my mom. I decided to work with her, and help her with council stuff. That… that was the only time I saw the spark come back into her eyes. She came alive when she was organizing people to help the community. I guess that passion rubbed off on me. My mother had drive and grit, and I want to make her proud.

[Jordan:]    I can understand that.

[Fayth:]    Can you though? Your parents loved each other, right on up until the very end. And they were billionaires. How can you no what it’s like to watch that spark go out of a parents eyes?

[Jordan:]    Because I watched my mother die. I watched her take her last breath. I watched that light leave her eyes. So I know what that is like to suddenly have nothing.

[Fayth:]    Jordan… I’m sorry. I don’t know how, but I never knew you were there when they passed.

[Jordan:]    I also know what it’s like to have the one you love betray you. It was on Kit’s Korner when Dean and I split the first time.

[Fayth:]    Can I ask… why did you split?

[Jordan:]    Sure… Dean cheated. It was a one-time thing, and it’s a long story, but suffice it to say, it wasn’t his fault. It took a year, and I was able to forgive him. But it was hard to do.

[Fayth:]    Is that why every chance you get, you remind me of my ex and his indiscretions?

[Jordan:]    … I’m sorry?

[Fayth:]    Every time we meet, every time we have our little back and forths, the digs you take at me are always about my ex and whatever he’s out there doing.

[Jordan:]    Well, I guess I just find it interesting, because he’s It is a little ironic that you’d have a gay lover after outing me in high school. [pause] Yeah, you thought I forgot about it, didn’t you? Well, I didn’t. So I guess it’s my turn to ask the question. Why would you do that? What did I do to deserve that? Up to that point, I’d thought we were… well… I wouldn’t have called us friends, but I definitely trusted you to not do that to me. So... why?

[Fayth:]    -sigh- okay, back then, I wasn’t… I wasn’t… I just… You had everything. You even got a second chance at a family. I was watching my mom slowly die a little more every day, and you just… had everything. I was struggling to keep my grades up, remain popular and everything else, and everything with you was just effortless. I don’t know if you remember right before that, but that one guy, that jock on the football team?

[Jordan:]    Oh, yeah, what was his name… What was it… Was it Randall?

[Fayth:]    That’s him, yeah. Randall. Well, I was at my locker and he and his goon were crowding me. They were harassing me. They were teen boys, so 3 guesses as to what they wanted. Anyway, that’s when you walked up,  you stepped in and you got that boy to back up. And then you looked back at me. And in that moment, I saw how you looked at me. You looked at me as though I was weak and defenseless, and you looked at me as if this was what you HAD to do, that you HAD to defend me, because without you, I would’ve been assaulted. In that moment, I saw how you actually thought about me, and that you thought I couldn’t defend myself. I knew I could protect myself, but you didn’t let me. You proved to me how you saw women and girls in the world, which was no different than any other man in the world, like we were weaker than you. And I hated you for it. So I tried to get you back for feeling I was beneath you.

[Jordan:]    I never, EVER have believed women to be beneath me. I would never. When you’re surrounded by people like my own mother, my cousin Marilyn, Johanna, hell even you, how could I ever think that? I stood up for you in that moment because I knew that guy wouldn’t stop. I had heard him in the locker room at the gym, talking about obtaining rohypnol so he could, “get what he was owed from you.” I knew that without the threat of me beating his ass, he would still have done that to you.

[Fayth:]    Oh, I didn’t know that part, but that doesn’t change the fact that you still gave me that look.

[Jordan:]    I was looking at the goon behind you, not you. Is this… is this really the misunderstand that’s had us at odds for almost 16 years?

[Fayth:]    I guess it got to a point where we were just attacking each other because it was easier than dealing with the root of the issue.

[Jordan:]    Well shit. -sigh- Fayth, I’m sorry. I don’t hate you. I actually think you’re a pretty great person.

[Fayth:]    I’m sorry I outed you, Jordan.

[Jordan:]    I forgive you for that. I understand why it happened now. [pause] Can I ask you a question?

[Fayth:]    Sure. What?

[Jordan:]    Why do you hate RedWing? Why are you so opposed to the work that he is doing?

[Fayth:]    He’s a vigilante. He wears a mask while he goes out and terrorizes people. He takes the law into his own hands.

[Jordan:]    The mask is so he can protect his family. And he doesn’t terrorize anyone, except criminals.

[Fayth:]    I don’t trust him.

[Jordan:]    I didn’t trust you, either, but I still acknowledge the job that you do and the role you play in this city. Can’t you do that for him.

[Fayth:]    Why does it matter to you whether or not I like him?

[Jordan:]    Because… [sigh] okay. I’m going to tell you something and it’s not going to make sense, but I need you to hear me out.

[Fayth:]    Okay…

[Jordan:]    You know how, after you left my office that day, you went to the hospital and you watched Elizabeth come out of a coma?

[Fayth:]    Um… Yeah.

[Jordan:]    That was you. You did that. You pulled her out of the coma, by yourself, using magic. As far as the team could tell, you were gifted with the power to heal using your empathy… using your heart.

[Fayth:]    That’s… that’s not possible. It couldn’t have been me.

[Jordan:]    Yes, it can, and it was. Magic is real, you’ve seen it with your own eyes, and you’ve done it with your own hands… and so have I.

[Fayth:]    You… what?

[Jordan:]    The next thing I tell you right now... you can never tell anyone. Ever. Swear that to me, and I’ll tell you.

[Fayth:]    Why should I?

[Jordan:]    If you swear to never tell, I will drop out of the election and endorse you for Mayor of New Ark City.

[Fayth:]    Wow… Okay, I swear.

[Jordan:]    Revestam. [sound effect for outfit change.]

[Fayth:]    Oh my god. Jordan...

[RedWing:]    That’s right, Fayth. I am RedWing. You can stop worrying about whether RedWing is good or evil. I am here to do what I can to help people, just like you. And what’s more, I have a license to do it.

[Fayth:]    Jordan. This is crazy.

[RedWing:]    Fayth, it isn’t really that crazy. It’s a long story. Suffice it to say this is what I was born to do. Hold on… Revestam. {Sound effect for outfit change}

[Fayth:]    That’s… That’s a neat trick.

[Jordan:]    It comes in handy. But Fayth… you saved a young girl the other day. And that has me thinking. Just think about it, we could do far more good if we work together. If I support you for mayor as Jordan and you support the work RedWing does to keep the city safe, we could actually make change.

[Fayth:]    I think I see what you mean. But… I don’t want to be a superhero. You may do good things, but I am not built to be like you.

[Jordan:]    Listen, tragedies have been known to happen in our city. Discord, fighting, feuds, the whole lot of it. You have the power to wipe all that away with a single touch. You can ease the suffering of others. And you can do it all from the mayoral office. No spandex or leather required.

[Fayth:]    Oh trust me, I have plenty of leather at home, if you know what I mean.

[Jordan:]    …. Oh… Well, that was unexpected.

[Fayth:]    I have a good time. {rumbling stops} I think we’ve stopped.

[Jordan:]    I think you’re right. Stay alert. [door opens]

[Alan:]    Well, glad to see y’all have made up. Fighting like that was unbecoming of politicians.

[Jordan:]    Who are you, and where are we?

[Alan:]    Ah yes, my name is Alan Grace, but you can call me the Hunter. Jordan Redfield-Wade, Fayth Flaherty, welcome to Castle Morrighan. Home of the Raven King.

[Scene 5] [The TrainStop]

[Narrator:]    As the team disembarked from the train, they looked around, slightly apprehensive. It was dark out, and they’d been on that train for 4 hours, and had been the only people on the train. They initially didn’t notice the car that had pulled up to the parking garage next to the tracks, but it flashed it’s lights at them, and they heard a car door open.

[JV:]    {from a slight distance} Targets in sight. Leaving shortly. 20 minutes and we will be there.

[Dane:]    {VIA earpiece} Copy that. See you in 20.

[JV:]    Ahoy there, Guardians. Welcome to Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

[Johanna:]    WOAH, WOAH WOAH, Buddy, we’d appreciate it if you DIDN’T scream out secret identity team name across the parking lot.

[JV:]    Oh, you are so right. I am terribly sorry, Miss Lovelace. If it helps, this town pretty much shuts down after 9 pm.

[Marilyn:]    Where are we even located?

[JV:]    Pittsfield, Miss Lahiri. By the way, I must tell you, it is an absolute pleasure to meet you. I’ve seen all of your films. I’m a huge fan.

[Marilyn:]    {Suspicious} Well, thank you kindly, I guess. Care to tell us where my cousin is at?

[Keiran:]    And who kidnapped him, as well?

[JV:]    Oh! Right. Okay. Ahem. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, friends beyond the binary, I humble invite you to Castle Morrighan, at the behest of the Raven King. It is my duty to take you to the Castle, which will be a 20 minute journey, thereabouts, where you will be greeted by the Kings’ right-hand woman. We have taken the liberty of securing rooms for you on the grounds, which you will stay in this evening, before the Trials begin tomorrow. Upon completion of the Trials, I will escort you back here, or we will arrange another form of suitable transport.

[Dean:]    Woah woah woah, Trials? Excuse me.

[JV:]    Yes, Mister Morrighan. The Trials. The Trials begin tomorrow at sunrise. Please please, get in the vehicle, and help yourself to the complimentary bottle of Móinéir Dragonfruit Wine. There is also a bottle of the legendary Bunratty Mead which is chilling in the cooler. These were brewed specifically for your arrival, and I think you will find they are both delicious.

[Johanna:]    Okay, you’re starting to win me over.

[Jeremy:]    Johanna, are you serious?

[Johanna:]    Listen, Dean, we’re already here. We might as well make the most of this part.

[Keiran:]    Will you be able to answer questions for us about why we are here?

[JV:]    I sadly cannot answer many questions. I’m afraid my knowledge of you is limited.

[Dean:]    Okay, one final thing before we go with you. Who are you? What is your name.

[JV:] Oh of course, how could I forget my manners? My name... is JV.