Guardians, Episode 13: Shake It Out [Transcript]

Scene 1: The Estate on the Cliffs Of Moher

[Irish coastal cliff sea noises]

Narrator: The smell of the briny ocean air dances past my face as the sun makes its descent from the fiery orange and brazen purple sky into the darkly calming blue of the waves. The light played with the grass around the estate so it appeared at once chartreuse and shamrock, mint and pear, crocodile and emerald. I’d watched this sunset every night for 6 months, in the arms of the man I love more than anything else in the world, the man I saved from ruination by condemning myself to an eventual perdition. I have never once questioned if that was worth it, and trust, I never will. But these months… they have not been easy. For weeks after the incident, they were searching… hunting for us. I shielded us every time from them. I was angry. I resented their betrayal, and something deep in me knew that if they didn’t want us back because they loved us. They wanted us back because they wanted me to protect them and to continue the sacrifices I had made. Heh, yeah, no thanks boo.

Jordan: [singing] I wish I was… in Carrickfergus…

Dean: [gently singing] where the castle looks out to sea…

Jordan: [chuckles] Dean… isn’t this just the most beautiful sight?

Dean: Not half as beautiful as you.

Jordan: Comparing me to the view from the cliffs of Moher? You’re exaggerating, my love.

Dean: [chuckles] If you could see from my eyes, you’d know I wasn’t.

[Kissing sound]

Jordan: I just want to stay like this forever.

Dean: As do I… but…

Jordan: No. Don’t say it. [Sudden gasp and groan]

Dean: Let me see it, Jay.

Jordan: Okay…

Dean: [quick intake of breath] oh god… Jay.

Jordan: It’s not that bad, Dean… It’s not.

Dean: Jordan, it’s spreading. It’s troubling enough that it started over your heart, but now, it’s all over your torso. It looks like an infection and a bruise, but worse… It’s starting to look like decay.

Jordan: I’m not decaying, Dean. I’m all like… 30. 30 year olds don’t decay.

Dean: They do when they are holding power in them that they aren’t built to hold.

Jordan: [sigh] I told you before, I can handle it for now… I’m just trying to find something to do with it. Like, something to put it into.

Dean: What, like a bag of holding, or something?

Jordan: I can’t believe you remember that campaign still. That was 8 years ago. [chuckle] No, not a bag, not a jar, not an urn… I’m trying to put it in something more substantial. I want this power locked away somewhere, where no one can use it. This kind of power… it’s dangerous.

Dean: I know it is. Also… Jay, I know we haven’t really talked about this… but you know as well as I do that we have to go back at some point. And when we do…

Jordan: What? What do you think is waiting for us when we get there?

Dean: You killed a man, Jordan. An imprisoned man. They probably looked at the tapes and saw RedWing nip in and take their prisoner.

Jordan: It’s not like they have a body. As far as they know, RedWing nabbed him and took him out of the cell.

Dean: That’s still a huge crime. Aiding and abetting, at best!

Jordan: Dean, I don’t want to do this tonight. I’m feeling tired… why don’t you just come on and head to bed with me?

Dean: [sigh] Alright, Jordan… but eventually we’re going to have to face this. I’ll be down in a few minutes.

Jordan: Okay. I love you, Dean.

Dean: Love you too. Goodnight, Jay.

[Ambiance fades out]

Scene 2: (Jordan and Dean’s dream house)

[Song: Suburbian RW]

[Sounds of an alarm clock go off, and Jordan gasps and sits upright in bed. Sound of alarm clock being hit off.]

Dean: [sleepy] Baby, are you alright?

Jordan: Oh…. Oh… Oh, no I’m fine, Dean.

Dean: Well, good morning, my love. 

[kiss sound]

Jordan: Good morning, handsome.

[fade-in sound of tiny feet running]

Dean: [chuckling] Don’t look now, but we’re about to be attacked.

Jordan: [alarmed] Attacked?! By what?

Dean: [starting to be a bit concerned his husband is losing his mind] By our boys…

Jordan: [confused] Our… boys?

[Door Opens]

Jackson: Daddy! Daddy!

James: Wake up! Wake Up!

Jordan: Daddy? What the…-

[boys jump up on bed, Jordan grunts]

Dean: Umph, woah woah kiddo. Slow down, Jackson. James, remember what we told ya about tackling Papa?

James: Sowwy, Papa. (Sorry, Papa)

Jackson: Sowwy, Daddy, we jus’ so ‘cited. (We’re Just so excited)

Jordan: [confused] Um… what are you excited about… son?

Jackson: Daddy! Don’ you weemember? (don’t you remember?)

James: Today we get to see Gwampa and Gwamma!

Dean: [talking to a 4 year old] Of course! But you can’t go over there in pajamas. Tell ya what, whoever gets dressed the fastest gets an extra pancake for breakfast!

James: Aw they bwoobewwy pancakes?
(Are they blueberry pancakes)

Dean: Ohhh, you know it!

Jackson: My favowite! Less go, James!

[sounds of scampering children]

Dean: God, our boys are just so damn cute.

Jordan: Yeah... They have your freckles… and my hair…

Dean: Babe… what’s going on? Is something wrong? Did you sleep weird or something?

Jordan: No... no no, everything’s fine. You’re right, I must have just slept weird.

Dean: Okay, I’ll take the kids in then. Why don’t you shower and head to the Agency? Jeremy said he wanted to meet up early to work on that case.

Jordan: A-alright… Actually, I’d rather ride in with you to drop off the kids.

Dean: Okay… any particular reason?

Jordan: [faking happy] You know I love to see the kids when they hug their grandma and grandpa.

Dean: Okay, I’m gonna go finish up the pancakes before the kids start a riot. Get dressed, and you’re on morning coffee duty.

Jordan: Yea, sure, you betcha.

[Fade out room tone, car engine start, slowly fade in car interior]

James: I spy wit my wittle eye… somethin bwack.

Dean: Hmmm… Is it… that car?

James: Nope not that one papa.

Jordan: How about that bird there?

James: Thas it! Good job, daddy?

Jackson: Daddy, what bird is that?

Jordan: Oh, that one? That one right there? That is the agelaius phoeniceus, the red-winged Blackbird. See that little pop of red on its shoulder and the yellow wing bar?

Jackson: Wowwww Daddy! I see it!

Jordan: That’s my favorite songbird. Did you know that?

Jackson: Yeah I knew that, daddy.

James: It’s my favowite too!

Jackson: No is not!

James: Is too!

Dean: [dad voice, but also, awww] Boys, no fighting while Papa’s driving. Besides, we’re almost there. Get ready.

[sound of car pulling up, shutting off, and doors opening]

Jordan: [under his breath] what the hell…

James: Gwampa Tewwense! (Grandpa Terrance)

Jackson: Gwampa Tewwense! (Grandpa Terrance)

Terrance: [excited to see his grandsons] My boys, my boys! Come on over here and give your grandpappy a big ol’ bear hug!

Jordan: How is this possible?

Terrance: What’s that now, son?

Jordan: How… are you… alive right now…?

Dean: Uh… Jay?

Terrance: Dean, why don’t you bring the boys inside? Grandma Malia is in the house right now, making you boys some of her famous oatmeal-raisin-chocolate chip cookies you boys love so much.

James: Cookies!!!! Wooooo!

Jackson: Cookies!!!! Wooooo!

Dean: [excitedly talking to 4 year olds] Come on, pups, let’s go inside!

[footsteps running and walking away, front door open, front door closing]

Terrance: I was wondering when you were going to say something.

Jordan: Where am I? What is this? Is this some kind of dream?

Terrance: This is a what you wish your life would look like, if magic didn’t exist and you never had to be a hero. All this? This is what you THINK you would have, but let me tell ya Jordan. This isn’t what you’d have. Even if you hadn’t been born with the powers our lineage possess, the city and indeed the world would’ve still fallen to Sehkmet.

Jordan: That’s… that’s nonsense.

Terrance: Don’t believe me? Fine. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

[finger snaps, rush of sounds, screaming and fire sounds]

Jordan: Oh my god… Oh my god. What is all this…? Everything… Everything is destroyed…

Terrance: When you were born, everything was already in motion. Dean was born before you, Scarlett was born before you. They would grow up as they did. Dean would still be dead, and the goddess of blood and destruction would have still been released. She would’ve destroyed half of North America by the time Dean decided on his own to save the world. Every single person that you loved would die. Every single one. Keiran, Johanna, Jared, Marilyn, Dean, Jeremy… even you. Are you getting the point?

Jordan: I don’t… I don’t…

Terrance: The point is that no matter what we decided, this was just going to happen. Saving the world was the only option available. I know you know that. And… Hold on.

[finger snaps, sounds rush away]

Terrance: That’s better. Quieter. [sigh] Look, at the end of the day… You are right. We should have told you this from the beginning. We should have let you make this choice with all the knowledge we had. We should have trusted you would make the right call. And for that I’m sorry.

Jordan: You’re sorry for THAT? Oh, no, DAD, the thing you should’ve been sorry for was lying to my mother, your own wife, about something so heinous. You should’ve been sorry for what you did to your own brother.

Terrance: [angrily] And I AM sorry. I’m sorry for all of that. But I did what I had to do. I made a call. I made my choice. I chose to protect my family. I chose to protect the world. And now that I’ve made my choice. It’s time for you to make yours… but for now…

[finger snaps]

Jordan: Wait what choi-

Alejandro: Surprise, bitch. [chuckle] You’re coming with me.

Scene 3: Black void

[Song: Dark Ominous]

Alejandro: [amplified] Hello there, Bird boy.

Jordan: Damn it… Alejandro, where are you? What are you doing?

Alejandro: [amplified] What am I doing? I’m here to prove a point. Ah yes, here we go... aaaand NOW.

[sounds of lights turning on, sound of a struggle]

Drunk Frat Boy: Well well well, what do we have here? Is that little boy wearing a dress? [Frat boys laugh] Must be one of those “ladyboys” you hear all about.

Mina: P-please… I’m just trying to get home.

Drunk Frat Boy: [mocking] awww, you hear that guys? He’s just trying to get home. How’s about we walk you home? If you take off yer top, we’ll walk you home.

Mina: S-stop it… I’m just trying to go home.

Jordan: Hey! Leave her alone!

Drunk Frat Boy: And just who the fuck are you?

Jordan: Who I am doesn’t matter. I said, back off and let this woman go.

Drunk Frat Boy: That ain’t no woman. He’s just a boy in a dress.

Jordan: You’re absolutely incorrect. [to Mina] What are your pronouns?

Mina: S-she/Her.

Jordan: Thank you, Miss. [to the frat boys] You owe this young lady an apology. Now.

Drunk Frat Boy: I ain’t apologizing to a tranny.

Jordan: Have it your way, then.

[Jordan grunts and kicks, whooshes, punches, breaks and body falls.]

Jordan: [panting] If you boys say any of that shit again, or harrass another woman on these here streets, I’ll break all your limbs and every last one of your fingers. Is that clear? [groaning sound in response] [to Mina] Are you alright, miss? 

Mina: I’m alright. T-Thank you.

Jordan: Would you like me escort you home?

Mina: Yes please… thank you.

[Snaps, whoosh]

Alejandro: Well done, Jordan, as usual. No one delivers a flying scissor takedown quite like you. It was an absolute treat... especially in those jeans.

Jordan: AL!

Alejandro: Oh, relax, Jordan. I’m a human being with eyes, and it’s a well known fact that you’ve got a nice ass.

Jordan: Doesn’t mean you have to stare.

Alejandro: [eye roll] Old habits die hard. Sue me. Anyway, did you get the point of this?

Jordan: …. Um…

Alejandro: Of course you didn’t. [sigh] I’m surrounded by incompetence.  Jordan, you saved that young woman’s life, without hesitation, with no one pushing you to do it. Deep down in your core, you are a good person. Hell, even the way you brought Dean back to life was noble, in my opinion. You could’ve sacrificed anyone, but you specifically chose someone who endangered the lives of the public. Noble as fuck. You save people, and you do it not because you have to. You do it because you are just that kind of person. You are a hero.

Jordan: I… hmm.

Alejandro: Look, Jordan, no one understand daddy issues more than me. I’ve been lied to so many times by father figures, it’s almost comical. Every father I had used me in one way or another, so I get why you are pissed, Jay. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what kind of man your father is. It only matters what kind of man YOU are. And that’s a choice no one can make for you. So I ask you, Jordan… what kind of person are you going to be?

Jordan: Wow… you’re shockingly good at pep talks, Al.

Alejandro: I do what I can. See you soon, Jordan… now… Wake UP!

Scene 4: Nemesis’ Temple

[Sudden start]

Jordan: [Sharp inhale, deep breathing…] W… What… What? Oh… oh wow. That was just a dream…? Wait… Where am I? Lemme sit up [strains] real… quick… ah. There. Okay… whoever decorated this place… White walls, white ceiling, white floor, lots of marble… Gold grecian pillars. Not too shabby. Very opulent. And that statue… that winged statue of a woman lying there on that chaise-lounge, lookin like she’s living her best life… am I in a temple? I must clearly still be dreaming. I should be in my house right now… Dean will be missing me. Okay, aaaand.. [beat] Wait… my powers aren’t working? The fuck…? Okay, this is weird.

Nemesis: [exasperated sigh] Are you done monologuing, mortal?

Jordan: WOAH. WOAHHHH. WOAH. The statue just spoke… What the fuck.

Nemesis: Ugh, I’m already tired of this. Chill the fuck out, dude.

Jordan: I’m sorry, did you just tell me to chill? Are you aware you’re a TALKING STATUE?

Nemesis: For gods’ sake, SHUT. THE FUCK. UP.

Jordan: Woah, jeez, okay, you chill out, Statue Lady.

Nemesis: Just…. Sit down.

[sound of wooden chair sitting]

Jordan: Okay… I’m sitting. Am I still dreaming?

Nemesis: Nope. You’re awake. Go ahead, pinch yourself and you’ll see.

Jordan: [beat] OW, okay, got it, I’m awake. So then… who are you?

Nemesis: [sigh] Here we go. [clears throat][in a bored tone of one who is reciting a speech they’ve told 900 times] I am Adrestia Nemesis, winged deity of divine punishment, purveyor and bestower of heavenly retribution. Some call me the avenging angel of the gods, but you may refer to me simply as Nemesis. I use they/them pronouns, and I absolutely don’t have the time to pretend I don’t already know exactly who you are, and even if I did have time, I wouldn’t give a shit enough to pretend.

Jordan: Wow. That’s… That’s an intro.

Nemesis: Yeah, yeah yeah, whatever, let’s cut the shit. You know why you are here?

Jordan: No? I’m assuming you brought me here.

Nemesis: No shit, Sherlock. Ugh, aren’t you supposed to be a detective?

Jordan: Um, chill out? I literally just woke up from a trippy ass dream, only to find I’m… well, here!

Nemesis: Yeah, I know, dumbass, I literally just gave you that dream.

Jordan: Cool story, fam. How about you tell me why?

Nemesis: [sigh, eye roll] You are what we call in the biz a “fallen hero”. Once you were a child of Astraea and Dike, but you succumbed to your own selfish urges. Whatever, that happens all the time, N.B.D. But where you had each and every one of us fucked up, was when you decided to take all of that power into yourself, and call yourself a god-king. That’s the sin of hubris, and that’s why you’re talking to me. And now I have a question for you: Were you out of your actual fucking mind?

Jordan: No? My husband literally just died. I was bringing him back from the dead.

Nemesis: [Sarcasm] Ohhhhh, ex-cuuuuse me, mister tragic-lover-bullshit. So you really just thought you could just jump the line on that? Don’t you know there is protocol for that shit? Haven’t you read Greek Mythology? Orpheus and Eurydice? But nooo, you just decided, “fuck the rules, I do what I want”. Is that it?

Jordan: Is that… a rhetorical question?

Nemesis: Of course it is, numb-skull.

Jordan: Can you like, calm the fuck down? Damn. Like I get it, I fucked up. You ain’t gotta come at me sideways with all this aggressive shit. Also, are you forgetting I’m one of the Morrigan?

Nemesis: [sarcastic laugh] Sure, you’re a member of the Morrigan, that’s why you didn’t immediately die when you took all that power into yourself. But the Morrigan are just demigods. So rest assured, all that power being inside of you WILL kill you, and it will kill you really soon. You see, that blackness seeping into your veins is the power running rampant inside you. Real FULL deities, like me, are immortal and derive our power from people believing in us. Which is why we are always, and will always be, more powerful than you. Any of you little “reincarnations” or whatever, are only ever just demigods.

Jordan: Oh… well, okay. So… you haven’t actually told me why you brought me here.

Nemesis: You violated resurrection protocol, and called yourself a god while murdering someone. There are obviously going to have to be repercussions for your actions. So, we’re here to figure out your punishment.

Jordan: Do you… frequently allow the people your punishing to have input in their punishment?

Nemesis: No. This is professional courtesy. Remember Dike? She’s a good friend of mine, and she asked me to go easy on you. Otherwise, you’d be a pile of ash right now.

Jordan: Point taken. I’ll send Dike a fruit basket.

Nemesis: Alright. Well, here are your opinions then. Option 1: I send you back, reverse the resurrection, and you go through the proper channels a la Orpheus and Eurydice. Option 2: You die, Dean lives on and everyone forgets about you. Option 3: You go back, that ancestral power you took goes back into the ground but you lose the ability to access it.

Jordan: Well, Option 3, obviously.

Nemesis: I’m not done. With Option 3 also comes a couple caveats. Caveat 1, if you ever pull this kind of shit again, you will immediately die, and Caveat 2, you will have to face a new and greater challenge. And Caveat 3, you will have to reveal to the world what you did. You must tell the city that you are RedWing. And whatever consequences you face because of that… that’ll be on you.

Jordan: But if I name myself, then that endangers Johanna, Keiran… even Dean.

Nemesis: That’s not my problem. That is strictly your problem. Maybe you should have considered that before you went and committed hubris.

Jordan: -sigh- Can I have a little time before I tell the world I’m RedWing?

Nemesis: How much time?

Jordan: A year?

Nemesis: 6 months.

Jordan: -sigh- fine. Okay. Sure. 6 months.

Nemesis: So, you’re going with option 3, then.

Jordan: Yes… but… how will I be able to be a hero without that ancestral power?

Nemesis: You’re joking, right?

Jordan: Um… No?

Nemesis: So you really just missed the whole point of that dream?

Jordan: Uh… maybe?

Nemesis: Ugh… [infinitely tires] fuck, mortals are so, soooooo useless. [sigh] Jordan Redfield-Wade, you do not need magic to be a hero. Remember before you knew how to use your powers and you rushed in to save Alejandro from those bullies? Remember how you caught that serial killer the first time, the one you wound up murdering and saved the city? You were just a cop then, you weren’t a superhero. Just… Just do the right thing. You know what you are, you know who you are, and you know what you need to do, with or without magic. [beat] Now, get over here, and shake my hand to seal this deal and I’ll see you again in 6 months.

Jordan: Nemesis?

Nemesis: Yeah?

Jordan: Thank you for this second chance.

Nemesis: Just remember that you will NOT get a third.

[whooshing sound]

Nemesis: [sigh] that boy… Now, let’s see. Who should I send down there to challenge him… Ah, yes. Of course… that’s exactly what he should face. And I think these two little orbs here are just the thing to do it. [woosh sound effect] [beat] Good luck, Jordan. Let’s see how you handle building your true legacy.

Scene 5: Jordan’s room.

[Jordan sits up, gasping, again]

Narrator: I gasped and sat up in bed. I felt Dean’s strong arm around me shift a little. I rested my hand on his and he stopped stirring. I looked at the window. It was open, and the gentle coastal Irish breeze flowed past my face. I looked out at the beautiful morning, and let out a sigh. However, after a few seconds, the view outside began to change. It faded from the sunrise on the Northern Irish coast to the dead of night in New Ark City. Exactly where Nemesis had said we’d be. I heard the sounds of 4 am traffic, and I gently got out of bed. I sat down at my desk, and I wrote out the same letter 5 times, by hand.

[Paper and pencil sound]

Narrator: My dearest friends. I am so sorry I left how I did. I think this might be an understatement, but I was hurting. There are too many details about what I learned and what I saw. No doubt Keiran has told you what I did. I would bet that I’m the last person any of you want to hear from or see. I need to own up to the fact that, ultimately, I failed you. I failed each of you in a different way. Johanna, I blamed you for months. I blamed you for Dean’s sacrifice and that was wrong of me. After all, you only did the same thing I would have done if it had been Dean on a rampage. I cannot fault you for that. Scarlett, I failed you by not keeping you safe that night. I know I could have prevented this all somehow, but I didn’t do it the right way. You are not to blame for the sins of that dark goddess. And I hope you are finding yourself at peace after Sekhmet’s departure. Keiran, I’m sorry I threatened to kill you if you tried to stop me. I… yeah, that was just all around awful. Marilyn, I’m sorry I yelled at you. Jeremy, I’m sorry I left without bringing you with me, brother. Now, as far as the guardians are concerned… I think the only thing we can do is disband the guardians. I will not pretend like we can go back to the way things were. I don’t even know if I can actually put my suit back on. I don’t feel like I have earned the right to wear it. And until I earn that right back, RedWing the masked vigilante is gone. I will still be around, helping people if I can, but I will do so without a mask and without magic. I understand if none of you ever speak to me again. Quite frankly, I don’t blame you. But, I want you all to know that I still think of you as my family. And all of you are welcome here. Someone told me recently that it was time to move on and decide the kind of man I want to be. I only hope that, as that new man, I can somehow win back your trust after this complete disaster. Love you always, Jordan.