Guardians, Episode 6: Warriors

[Narrator:]    When I was a child, my parents brought me to a castle. I was an toddler, and I hardly remember it now, but my favorite photos of us was taken in front of that castle. As we stepped out of the vehicle, I remembered that the back of the photograph had “Castle M” written on it. I closed my eye, trying to feel some trace of their presence, something the years hadn’t eroded away.

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Guardians, Episode 5: What's Up?

[Marilyn:]    So where exactly are we going, Dean?

[Dean:]    There is a place on the other side of the state. My mothers went missing 3 weeks ago, but they left a note saying something about a castle belonging to someone with the same last name as me.

[Jeremy:]    Damn… But what would that have to do with Jordan?

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Guardians, Episode 3: What Have You Done?

[Kit:]    Hello, Kittens. It’s your favorite stylishly intrepid journalist, Kit Mojito, filling you in on the most pressing local news and the hottest gossip in New Ark City. And my oh my, Kitten’s do I have a special show for you today. Today’s show will REDEFINE what you believe is even REAL about the world. But I think we should go in order, don’t you? Let’s start at the beginning.

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Guardians, Episode 2: Blood//Water

[Narrator:]    The gentle cry of a seagull mingles with the crashing of the waves near the boardwalk at Emerald Beach, just north of the pier. Emerald beach is one of the middle-grade beaches in the area. It was better than Pilgrim Beach, the municipal park-turned-beach south of the harbor, but it’s not as good as Salem beach, located on the North Side. The Emerald Boardwalk is a favorite place for lovers to stroll, look out at the waves. On this quiet and slow night, Carter Holloway and Bryce Johnson sat on the edge of the pier, legs dangling over the side. They were holding hands, their fingers intertwined. Bryce had his head on Carter’s shoulder, and Bryce had his arm around Carter. They were a portrait of young love.

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Guardians, Episode 1: Fire Fire

[Narrator:]    Rain fell on the streets of New Ark City. These were spring rains, which normally bring with them the promise of life and growth. But that night, as the pluvian nectar mixed with with the metal-and-stone aroma of the city, the rains were promising something other than life. [chuckles] Something entirely different.

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